Best Time of Day to Water Grass

The best time to water grass, like so many things in life is dependent on circumstances. For established lawns the best time of day to water grass is in the early morning hours, preferably just before sunrise. This enables the water to soak through the soil and completely nourish the plant’s root system. Watering in the morning also minimizes the loss of moisture due to the higher temperatures during daylight hours and takes advantage of the normal morning calm from wind that may cause water to drift away from the target area. Evaporation is also minimized and morning watering enables the homeowner to take advantage of the effects of morning dew that already exists on grass blades. The natural ground shade afforded by the grass will enable the soil to dry out slowly throughout the day. Without an automatic sprinkler system this early morning watering may present a challenge. The point is that the earlier one waters, the better it is for the lawn. Under all circumstances, watering in the evenings should be avoided. Evening watering causes the ground to remain moist and gives rise to a number of diseases that will weaken root systems and cause premature browning or even loss of plants. Perhaps the most prevalent example of available to most home owners of good turf maintenance is demonstrated by the grounds keepers on golf courses throughout the country. They have immense sums of money invested in maintaining healthy turf and one can readily note that they water their established turf exclusively in the morning.

watering grass with sprinkler system

There is always an exception to the rule and certainly there is one for those that are just beginning to establish a lawn or have areas where seeding is being done. Under these circumstances it is preferable to water newly seeded areas several times a day for best results. Seedlings need to remain moist for germination to occur. It is critical to keep the seeds or early sprouts moist. One should attempt to control “puddling” as it will often cause seeds to wash away and result in bare spots. Additionally, the goal is to keep the seeds moist and it will waste water to apply too much.

The objective of water established lawns is to insure the water is available for the root systems , while the objective of watering newly seeded areas is to keep the seed moist. Therefor a considerable less quantity of water should be used for newly seeded areas.


  1. Cristina & Chris Petrone says

    I just moved into a new home with a landscaped front and back yard. The lawn in the front yard has dry large patches of what looks like dead either over or under watered sections. Other parts of the lawn are perfectly green and healthy. I’ve checked the soil and it’s very moist. Since we’ve moved in, we’ve stopped watering because of the season (Fall) and the beginning of rain. I was told by my neighbor that while the previous owners were trying to sell this home, he saw the sprinklers on every day for at least 10 minute intervals. (He knows this for sure because it ended up flooding part of his yard.) I guess it’s safe to say it’s been over watered. The home was built in 2007, so it’s a fairly new lawn; however, I have no idea what kind of grass it is. My question: How do I care for these dead sections? Thanks for your help! Cristina in Southern Oregon

  2. patricia says

    what if i can not water my lawn in the early morning will 7pm be ok

    • Got $50-$100?
      1. Measure the area of Lawn you want to Water? 50×50 = 2500 sq ft
      2. Go to (thru your Home Depot or other Big Box stores) and ask at the Cutstomer Service Desk, you need some help , you want a Underground -pop up sprinkler and A Timer for it..
      3. Each Pop Up Sprinkler covers about 20 Sq Ft..( 400 Sq ft)
      4. You will then need the small tiny 1/4″ water line to hook upto it
      5. then the Main Connector that goes to your Outdoor Faucet
      6. and a Timer.. One that uses a couple of Batteries and can set the time when to water every 3 days ( 2x wk is enough) & best if 1 hr before Sunrise.

      If have some dead spots? For women? Its best to first wear the correct Outfit so you won’t contaminate the Area your Digging and Planting.. Best to Sue Thigh Shorts and tennis Shoes and Halter top and hat
      and Sanitary- New Jersey Gloves.. and spary yourself with Deep Bug Spary if ahve Mosqueeters out ( early AM and Er=arly Evening)

      First -with a hand Spade.. try to Dig up some grass Patches from Grass growing around your Garden and Transplant that & bring your Watterin can to water it . every day the 1st week and EOD the 2nd week.. and wear your Shorts and Top, it helps the grass get excited and Grow and is happy to see you..

      2nd- Option- Scrape the Dead Grass off the area, put 1-2 ” of Soil you got form your garden an spread it over the former dead grass area
      Then Spread some Grass seed
      Then add another 1″ of Soil ontop of that grass see
      Then Put that Dead Grass ontop to shade that area..
      Water it Lightly for a week then EOD the 2nd week and then Once -2x wk the next 4 wks..or until that grass has fully grown and has filled in..

      Option #2- Waer that nice Pretty outfit and go ask your Neighbor to do this for oyu and you will have some nice ice tea and Browines after he does the job! up on your patio,, Wearing a Bathing suit( Bikini) is Openional if you not more than a Size 7..
      Done deal !

      😉 From a Retired Happy Veteran

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  6. with all the water restrictions and stuff….does pee kill the grass?
    I figure I could water my lawn at least 3-4 times a day….

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  11. Lawn Goo Roo says

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  15. There’s no set rules. I’ve watered my lawn a million times in the evening so that the water would stay a little longer. The reason being that it would evaporate in 10 minutes in the hot sun. And lack of moisture would kill the grass, and lead to crab grass moving in. It only depends on where you live and how dry it is. If you have a time of year where it’s cooler and water stays, then don’t water in the evening. If you can’t get it enough water, then water in the evening. People need more common sense.

  16. tigolbitties says

    Mary, STFU.

    on topic:
    the “not watering in the evening” rule only applies to people who have lawns that look like golf courses. These lawns invite fungus/molds because they usually have way too much fertilizer and way too much water to begin with.

    If you are the average joe schmoe and don’t give a fuck (never fertilize, weeds everywhere) then you can water at anytime you like without getting mold.

    All things considered, most people don’t give a shit what other peoples lawns look like anyways. Just keep it mowed. Having a great beautiful lawn is cool but your neighbors won’t like you more because of it. In fact, they’ll just think you’re trying to be better than them and who likes conceited pricks??

    • Awesome thread. Nothing like the free marketplace of ideas to spawn a conversation such as this.

      For proper lawns with sprinklers installed (above or below), mornings are best. Less practical if you don’t have sprinklers though since you’ll be out there for two hours at least, holding the hose or moving the sprinklers from zone to zone (not typical morning activity for most). If this is you, then evenings are best but for a shorter time, being careful not to water log the soil.

      If you have alot of weeds but no intention of doing anything about it, then water whenever is most convenient. I’ve found certain weeds to be more resilient than many lawn grades (especially the store bought seeds). The’re agressive, thriving in drout conditions while the lawn dwindles. They resist grubs and require none of those chemicals, fertilizers and weed killers. Especially in the case of crab grass, very little watering is required. The only thing is that when they grow too tall, looks very ugly … especially in between the lawn. But remember, lawn care is not your priority RIGHT? So mow that baby once a week, even it it looks like it doesen’t need it. So long as it looks level and green, doesn’t matter what it is?

  17. The Decider says

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  18. Thanks guys, my lawn has never looked so good,

  19. tina guthrie says

    hi is it ok 2 water the new turf when its hot

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  21. Karla Palencia says

    Hi, I used to have a lush lawn in my backyard but then with my dogs doing their business there all kinds of weeds and other plants started growing and have almost destroyed all my grass. I have managed to keep the dogs away from that area and if they go there we clean up as soon as we can. I have applied week killer but whatever is growing has not died. Any suggestions?