Lawn Care Tips

This section of the site provides you with lawn care advice and several lawn care tips which should help you in the routine maintenance of your yard. Lawn care covers topics such as mowing your grass, watering your lawn, and fertilizing your grass. It should be mentioned that the grass guides will provide some very detailed information about many of the same subject but targeted for your particular type of grass.

Preventing and Killing Grub Worms

Preventing and killing grub worms will keep them from damaging your lawn. These disgusting little creatures are the larvae of the June bug and other types of beetles. They hatch in mid-summer and feed on grass roots before winter. If your lawn is well-fed and gets enough water, then brown spots that appear are likely […]

Lawn Fungus

Lawn fungus is a very real threat to your lawn. Many homeowners see the results of lawn fungus and assume the brown circles or other odd-looking patches are caused by something like drought, grubs or moles. While those issues can all create effects that look like fungus, it’s important to find out what the real […]

Winterizing Trees and Shrubs

Knowing how to winterize trees and shrubs can help the most susceptible types to get through a harsh winter and return with vigorous health and growth in the spring. This is true in northern climates, but even in moderate regions some shrubs can use the help provided by proper winterizing practices. This lawn care guide […]

Deer Proofing Your Lawn

Deer proofing your lawn can be done with a few proactive steps that will protect your turf, garden and flower beds. Deer are an elegant animal and many homeowners enjoy seeing them graze in nearby fields. However, when they are munching on prize tulips or scratching up the backyard in search of acorns, they can […]

Pesky Bag Worms and How to Kill Them

Bag worms are a real threat to coniferous trees and can be difficult to kill. However, it’s a “kill or have your trees killed” proposition, so it is important to be aggressive and thorough in your battle with bag worms, also called bagworms. Spotting Bag Worms These moth larvae produce small bags that house dozens […]

Lawn and Home Pest Control

Lawn and home pest control is an important part of keeping your lawn looking good and your home free of unwanted visitors. See our articles on moles, tent worms, Japanese beetles and deer for guidelines on dealing with those pests. There are other pests that can do damage to your yard and may even want […]

Whack a Mole! Get Rid of Moles in Your Lawn.

Getting rid of moles in your lawn is essential to maintaining its beauty and your sanity. Mole runs turn brown because the root structure of the grass is destroyed. Mole excavations leave piles of dirt and a hole. These blemishes on your lawn are unacceptable! This article lets you know how to get rid of […]

Get Control of Japanese Beetles

If you’re looking for a surefire way to get rid of Japanese Beetles, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 9 methods with proven results for removing these pesky pests from your trees, shrubs and flowers. NOTE: If you don’t currently have Japanese beetles, keep an eye out for them. It’s important to take […]

An Organic Way to Look at Your Lawn

Ahh, the neat, rich green texture of your turf! A well-kept front lawn is synonymous with the picture of the peaceful suburban life, and home-owners pour over ten billion dollars a year into lawn care. For years, nobody really cared about the impact of massive doses of fertilizers and herbicides, as long as that little […]

Are Organic Weed Killers Really Worth the Extra Cash?

There is a growing interest amongst people interested in protecting the environment about the use of organic weed control products. These are the same people interested in organic fertilizer. There are several organic weed killers that are effective for spot applications to control weeds. These products usually contain high concentrations of vinegar which act quickly […]