Neuton Mower Giveaway

Want a $500 lawn mower and do your part to save the environment? Everyone these days is trying to do their part recycling or driving slower to conserve on gas. With a Neuton CE 6.2 you can completely eliminate a hundred or more pounds of emissions that your gas guzzling mower is pumping out every […]

Neuton Mower Review

Ready to join the rest of the crowd and go green? You should really consider a Neuton Mower! I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on a brand new Neuton CE 6.2 mower. This is the latest release from Neuton boasting a 19″ cut and a 36V sealed lead acid battery. More impressive […]

2 Cycle Fuel Mixing Made Easy. Try 50 Fuel!

Okay! Why has it taken this long for such an innovative product to hit the market? My first guess would be the EPA or some governmental agency bureaucracy, but let me be the first to say this is an extraordinary idea hitting the market way to late! The boys over at TruSouth Oil have come […]

Used John Deere Lawn Tractor

Are you tired of pushing that walk-behind mower? Want to sit instead of pushing, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? Do you have champagne tastes, but a cola budget? Or are you just a frugal person that wants the most value for your dollar? A used John Deere lawn tractor could […]

John Deere Model 2305

John Deere produces a variety of utility tractors for the homeowner or small farmer. These John Deere tractors are built to exacting standards and are noted for their versatility, endurance and reliability. The John Deere model that is attracting a lot of excitement from potential owners is the John Deere Model 2305. This is a […]

John Deere Lawn Tractors – A Homeowners story

Have you noticed that one of the first impressions you get about a home is the lawn and landscaping? It makes a statement about the occupant before anyone ever visits the home. I took a walk around the neighborhood the other day looking at the flowers, shrubbery, lawns and landscaping to get some ideas on […]

Choosing a Fertilizer Spreader

Spreading fertilizer will occur several times a year for the homeowner that desires a healthy, well manicured and weed-free lawn. Essentially there are two types of fertilizer spreaders. They are the drop-spreader and the rotary style (sometimes referred to as a “broadcast” spreader). The drop spreader is better suited to smaller yards with few obstacles […]