Lawn Maintenance

Anything above and beyond the basics of lawn care we consider lawn maintenance. This would include aerating, thatching, planting grass seed or overseeding your lawn. Each of these topics as well as many others are covered below in detail. You may be surprised just how much aerating and thatching your lawn once a year will impact the overall health and growth of your grass.

The Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

The major benefit of aeration is to loosen compacted soils. If the ground is not composed of clay soils, subjected to children or animals moving about or automobiles that may drive on it, the lawn may not require aeration. Ground subjected to winter freezing and thawing or that is home to a healthy earthworm population […]

Lawn Aerating

Compacted soils cause a severe strain on grass and could spell disaster for a lush lawn. Grass requires air to grow and areas that are compacted from play, pets, vehicles or wet soil conditions may suffer the effects of compaction. Clay soils are especially susceptible to compaction. To determine if aeration is necessary, one can […]

Thatch Removal – Dethatching

If you have a lawn that is too large to use a stiff tined rake for thatch removal there are other methods that are a bit easier and will accomplish the task with relative ease. Special blades are made for lawnmowers that can be purchased at your local hardware store. Essentially there are tines on […]

What is Lawn Thatch?

Spring arrives in just a few days and it’s time to take a look at the lawn and see what’s necessary to make sure it will be that carpet of luxury we all want. One of the things that can spell disaster to a lawn is the accumulation of heavy thatch. Thatch is organic matter […]

Preparing Your Lawn for Grass Seed

In the event you’re overseeding an existing lawn you’ll want to mow your grass as short as possible. If you have any bare spots in your lawn you’ll want to loosen the soil to promote germination in those areas. Next you’ll want to remove any dead grass or debris that has collected. If you have […]

Preparing Soil for Grass Seed

If you have a brand new lawn you’ll want to ensure that you’ve loosen 2-3 inches of soil. This will give you a chance to find and remove any debris including sticks, stones, wood. You’ll also want to make certain they are no large clumps of soil throughout the area you’ll be seeding. This is […]

Buying the Best Grass Seed

After you’ve figured out which type of grass seed you need to buy you’ll want to do plenty of research. All plants, including grass, are made up of cultivars (specific type of plant that has characteristics which distinguish it from other plants of the same species). Knowing which types of cultivars are in the grass […]