Planting St Augustine Sod

Planting St Augustine sod is usually the best way to get this turf grass going strong in your yard. It can be done very successfully if you pay close attention to proven guidelines for preparing the soil, laying the sod and caring for it in the important first weeks. This lawn care guide offers a […]

Dethatching St Augustine Grass

St Augustine grass happens to be one of the most sensitive types of grass. That being the case, it’s important to know exactly how to dethatch St Augustine grass before you get started. If you’re wondering what thatch is please read our article What is Lawn Thatch? We’ve also written a general article on dethatching, […]

St Augustine Grass

St Augustine grass grows well in a very confined area of the United States extending from western Texas along the very southern tier of states adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico and covering all of Florida. It can also be successfully grown along the coastal areas from Florida to South Carolina and in southern California. […]