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Welcome to We're here to help you grow your grass greener! The best place to start if you're having trouble with your lawn is in the grass guides. The grass guides provide detailed information on how to take care of your specific grass. For more generic advice check out the lawn care section. It provides information on how to take care of your lawn to include mowing, killing weeds, fertilizing, and watering your grass. There are plenty of practical lawn care tips you can use this weekend. In our lawn maintenance section we cover topics like seeding or overseeding your lawn, dethatching, and aerating your lawn.

Featured Lawn Care Topics

Ultimate Weed Control – The Best Weed Killers

It’s amusing to wonder if one was trying to grow weeds, would grass invade? Well, we all know that is just a dream for those of us that are trying to cultivate a well manicured and beautiful lawn. Weeds, like troubles in life, are a reality. However there are actions that can be taken in […]

Best Time of Day to Water Grass

The best time to water grass, like so many things in life is dependent on circumstances. For established lawns the best time of day to water grass is in the early morning hours, preferably just before sunrise. This enables the water to soak through the soil and completely nourish the plant’s root system. Watering in […]

Weed and Feed Fertilizer

Weed and feed lawn fertilizer is plentiful and in most cases when applied properly will contribute positively to a lush lawn. They contain nitrogen, phosphate and potash which are essential for lawn growth together with a herbicide. Again, it is important to select a product that is designed for either warm or cool season grasses. […]

ID Your Weeds

Controlling and Killing Dandelions

Wondering how to get rid of dandelions? Want to kill those rouge dandelions infesting your pristine lawn today? Let the lawn care guide help you in your quest for the best looking … [Read More...]

Pond and Lake Weed Killers

There are a variety of products that are available to control weeds in ponds and lakes. The specific type of pond weed killer or lake weed killer depends on the types of weeds that are growing as … [Read More...]

ID Your Weeds

Getting Started in Lawn Care

With home ownership comes the task of keeping a lawn. Most have every intention of keeping a weed free lawn that is lush and green all year long, however as the season wears on their lawn begins to slowly but surely it takes a turn for the worse. We want to help change all that. was developed to help homeowners minimize the amount of time they need to spend on their lawn, but keep the greenest grass on the block. Unfortunately with a dozen different types of grass, each with their own specific needs and requirements its quite difficult to provide one-stop advice for everyone. That's why its imperative for you to visit the grass guides for your type of lawn. Here you can learn how much water your grass needs, what type and how much fertilizer your lawn requires, and much much more. We've also got some great seasonal lawn care advice which can help to keep your lawn healthy through the harsh winter months.

We know that lawn care is not for everyone. Some don't have the time and for other its just not a priority. For these homeowners a lawn care service is just the ticket. There are a few companies that service the entire country with lawn service - we've done a thorough comparison of these companies and provided a detailed analysis of their services and effectiveness. There are other local companies that compete with these national chains. In these cases we've provided a series of articles that tell you the questions to ask, what to look for in a provider, and what you should expect to pay for such a service.