2 Cycle Fuel Mixing Made Easy. Try 50 Fuel!

Okay! Why has it taken this long for such an innovative product to hit the market? My first guess would be the EPA or some governmental agency bureaucracy, but let me be the first to say this is an extraordinary idea hitting the market way to late! The boys over at TruSouth Oil have come out with a can of 2 cycle fuel, 50 Fuel, that’s been perfectly mixed to the two most common ratios 2 cycle engines need to run properly.

Think about the hassle! An extra gas can, extra spot near the end of the garage away from the hot water heater, oil from the store, gas from the gas station, and then the mixing. So you take your half a gallon of gas and figure out how much oil to pour in. You pour a little, check the line, pour a little more, check the line. Doh! To much oil, now what! Ah well maybe next time. The problem is the next time might be next season since that half a gallon of gas fills up the trimmer and blower all year long. Who knows when the gas goes bad. Its just an all around in convenience.

Whats in this stuff?

It’s formulated with synthetic oil to eliminate plug fouling and smoke, the ethanol-free fuel helps extend the life of plastic and rubber engine components. Compared to a traditional gas/oil mixture, 50 FUEL™ contains an advanced synthetic lubricant that withstands higher temperatures, which is better for engine performance. It also contains a stabilizer that assures its consistency for two years, making it ideal for winterizing and storage. On the contrary, traditional gas/oil mixtures blended by consumers tend to deteriorate after several months, requiring removal from the equipment at the end of each season.

Get some today!

In my mind there is no reason not to buy a case of Fuel 50. It lasts for years, and keeps your 2 cycle engine from needing repair, basically guaranteeing that your lawn equipment will run like its suppose to for years to come. An entire case of 50 Fuel costs $27. That’s ~$4 a can. Heck, a gallon of gas these days costs $4, then you still need oil and an extra can.

50 Fuel for FREE!

In order to complete this review I asked if I could get a sample. I totally expected a single can, but instead I got an entire case! There’s no way I can use an entire case in the next 2 years, so I’ve got 5 cans to give away for free. I’ve also got a case of 40 Fuel ( 40:1 mixture ) as well! All you need to do is leave a comment below to get your free can of 50 Fuel. It really is that easy. I’ll even pay for shipping. By the way, I tried 50 Fuel in my lawn equipment this weekend and it’s never run better!  Anyone need an extra gas can?


  1. Johnson Benjamin says:

    Yeah, I have been looking into this product because the ethanol enriched gasoline has been eating up my equipment. I have been looking for a review of the product. Ha, i guess its too late for the sample?

  2. Steve L. says:

    I have a Toro trimmer that I bought a couple of years ago. If I wanted to get some of this fuel product, how do I determine which fuel mixture (40 Fuel or 50 Fuel) works best for my trimmer? Is it still possible to get a sample to try with my trimmer? Thanks.

  3. Fred Mohrbacher says:

    This stuff is great! Happened to see a can in a local Home Depot while looking for 2-cycle oil and decided to try it. What a difference it made in my weed trimmer! No smoking, easier starting, NO MIXING, what more could you ask of one product. Next I will try it in my snow blower.

  4. This product has really helped run my weed eater wihtout havving to worry burning the unit but lat week I went to Home Depot and they said that they dont carry it anymore, does anyone know who carrys this item?

  5. I too used to buy it at Home Depot and I just found out this past weekend, they don’t carry it anymore. I bought a can at Ace Hardware because I really needed it, but I paid $6.99, nearly double what I used to pay at Home Depot. I think I’ll order off the website next time for about $4 a can.

  6. James L Givens says:

    I was looking for 2 cycle oil the other day at Lowe’s and seen this can, at first the price had me a little hesitant, but i figured since it was already premixed that is why it cost 2 dollars more then the regular 2 cycle oil…Got home and filled up my husqavarna chainsaw and it was instant how well this product worked, first cut into a 12 inch log and it didn’t bog down not one time….I’m truely impressed with this product

  7. Used pruduct in brand new chainsaw,saw started to back fire and run very hot,took to local dealer,they used reg gas and oil mix,no problem since

  8. First time out and the confusion has me a little scared so i am hoping that this ready mix can help.

  9. I live in southern Missouri, I burn wood for heat, own 2 saws and wood like to try out your 40:1 if youd let me!!!

  10. Gary Smith says:

    I have been looking for an non ethanol solution to my 2 cycle fuel problem, and Now there seems to be one. Is this suitable for my old Sears chain saw which says use 16:1 unless you use Sears brand oil then it is 40:1? I know that the new Echo trimmer will be great with this stuff.

    My biggest problem is that as of today I can’t find it to buy it in Austin,Texas.

    Hope you can get a dealer in South Austin. Might I suggest Travis Tractor

    thanks in advance
    Gary Smith


  12. Derrick Bullington says:

    I love that stuff and I don’t want to mix the gas and oil so it is perfect. How about a can?

  13. Henry P. says:

    This stuff sounds awsome. Would love to try a can of the 40:1. Thanx.

  14. i can’t find mix for 40:1 but my old saws like it so much better. I’d like to try some!

  15. Jim Conrad says:

    This stuff sounds great, where can this product in Baton Rouge, La. 70810

  16. Pat Rodgers says:

    I have a 2 cycle Mantis roto tiller that wouldn’t start. I tried everything except dumping the fuel. A local shop dumped he old fuel and added 50 fuel (50:1).
    It started on the first pull without even priming. I ran it all afternoon; it ran fine and idled nicely.

  17. doug kabicek says:

    I would love to try this stuff. Sounds great and easy!!

  18. Suki Squire says:

    I bought a can at Ace for my son who does our yardwork. It is so convenient and no more nasty smelling, messy gas can in the garage. My husband says it’s the smartest thing I ever bought – go figure. Now we need a new lawn mower – for them, not me. I just research.

  19. Roy DeSousa says:

    Yeah, bought a can of this stuff and tried it for the first time this weekend. Bought a new chain saw and used it and the chain saw started running after two pulls. Unfortunately, I used it all up and then did my own 50:1 mix with new 2 Cycle oil and fresh gas and guess what, I couldn’t get that chain saw to run again. Buying some more tomorrow and will see if that’s going to do the trick. I’ll also have to give it a try for my 18 year old Yard Man lawnmower and hopefully extend the life of that machine. I do believe this is a great product.

  20. Brent Doherty says:

    I have just heard about 50 fuel and was wanting to get a sample to try out. Is this stuff for real or just another gimmick? Will this product void any warranty on new equipment due to the synthetic oil in the mix – rings may not properly seat on a fresh engine? Thanks, Brent.

  21. I have a Homelite mighty lite gas trimmer that I bought in April of 2009. From day one it gave me trouble when trying to start. This May I took it our for the first time this season and could not get it started. I took it in for repairs under warranty and the shop had 50 Fuel on the counter. The owner of the shop told me my carburator needed to be replaced and it was probably caused by the ethanol in my gasoline. I thought he was just trying to sell me a gimmick product, but he actually filled my trimmer gas tank with the stuff and said , “Try it, I bet you’ll be back.”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now July and my trimmer still starts like a champ!! The owner was right, I came back and bought a can. I started using it in my gas blower, too. No smoke, runs smooth. Worth the price!!! I am about to buy a case because I am about out of that can. I LOVE this product!!! Adam in Virginia

  22. David Kunes says:

    I am president of a townhouse community and we like to do as much work as possible ourselves. Fuel 50 is safe, convenient, and our equipment runs like it’s new. No worries about storing large gas cans and the smell that comes with them. I wish this product had been around 20 years ago!

  23. Laurie Little says:

    I buy 50fuel at my Stihl dealer. It works great! Looks like it’s a bit cheaper online.
    Too bad I dont know a coupon code to enter when checking out!

  24. Stephen Moody says:

    I just wanted to say that I would like to try this 50 premixed !!
    I have been having major problems with my weedeater and my blower because I have been to the shop twice so far with deteriorated fuel lines!!
    The lines look like I have been running acid through them and the repair shop told me to find some premixed fuel or I would be back in two weeks again !!!
    Please send me some samples so I can try out your product !

    Sincerly :

  25. John Fessler says:

    I purchased a used sears leaf blower and replaced the fuel line & filter I need to use fuel other then Ethonol 10% gas.I would liKe A SAMPLE CAN OF 50 FUEL MIXO R 40 FUEL MIX IF AVAIABLE THANKS JOHN FESSLER, 100 GREENRIDGE DRIVE, HORSEHEADS N.Y. 14845.THANKS.

  26. Ken Maloney says:

    I recently bought a Poulan Pro trimmer and the instructions warn against using any gasoline with alcohol in it. Please make my day and send me a free can of 40:1 mix,to 608 Main St,Antioch,Il.60002 Can you also tell me were I can buy it.
    Thank You.

  27. Thomas Kenyon says:

    I have multile 2 cycle yard equipment and I also hav a 17.5 K generator that is 4 cycle do you have any products for my generator? I get tired of replacing fuel lines and carberators every year.


  28. j. wilson says:

    My Stihl dealer HIGHLY recommends this, so I bought 2 cans of the 50:1. He says that 90% of his repairs are for deteriorated gas lines due to the alcohol in gasoline. This stuff is almost as good as sliced bread. I need more since this all I use.

  29. bill light says:

    I tryed to buy 50 fuel from my local echo dealer-but they were sold out!
    Still looking for a dealer that carries it.

  30. Jim Turner says:

    I have just finished my 3rd can of 50 fuel and I find it a great way to handle as to my weed trimmer. Clean easy, to use, can store it for years before it goes bad. The old way of mixing gas and oil that was only good for 6 months or less is a way of the past. Get it and try it.

  31. Chief Holloman says:

    Looking somone to buy this. I have hear of other fire departments using this. It save room in the truck and it really improved saws that ran it in.

  32. Derek Schmidt says:

    I was told by the gent that just overhauled my stihl that this is the best thing to use with no hassle. Just had my wife pick up 2 cans at the local Menards.

    • I’ve been using it for a couple years now…since I wrote this article and my equipment is still running strong. Great stuff.

  33. I work at an outdoor power equipment dealer and was turned onto this stuff recently through a friend. I must say it’s definitely convenient to use and the shelf life is a great selling point! I use 50 fuel in my Husqvarna chain saw and it’s fabulous! Great for anyone who doesn’t want to change their fuel lines every year. And it is also great for the mower too. Saves the rubber seat in the fuel inlet! Can’t say enough about how great this product is! It pays for itself in less down time!

  34. Hey you you know that wore out peice of crap you get tired of pulling on? Well if it has Spark and compression this stuff will run it.

  35. shan martin says:

    Is there a location near La Porte, TX (77571) I can get some?

    • Shan, your best bet is to buy it on amazon. Locally you can try lowes, home depot, and ace hardware stores but honestly its hit or miss.

  36. I think your product is silly if intended for full time use, sort of like those pre-wound weedeater spools.

    It might be useful for people who just run something a couple times a year, for storage, such as a snow blower or tiller.

  37. This sounds like what I need for the winter months when I do not run my chain saw very much.

  38. I tried it last year, it made my engine run poorly. The pure gasoline product made my engine keep stalling out, hmmm.

  39. Curtis Tiffany says:

    I used BOTH 40:1 and 50:1 last year an left in carbs. over winter with marvelous results. I’m NOW trying to locate a source that could SAVE me a few dollars as I’m a 75 yr. YOUNG retired pipfitter an needing to watch my coins.

    Curtis Tiffany



  41. richard penn says:

    I was a disaster relief meeting freiday and saturday and one of the guys was using it in his saw and he told me how good it was. Also ,he told us abou the shelf life. I sure would like to have a can of it and where can you buy it.

  42. lindsey lyda says:

    I introduced myself to 50 fuel about three months ago at Lowes. Really impressed with the ease of refueling without mixing oil with gas and the difference with starting and running of my Ryobi grass cutter and Echo chain saw. Found another local dealer that sales the same but at a lower price. Was concerned that my Echo recommends 20 to 1 ratio but so far have not had any problems. Thanks to the person that perfected this solution. Would like to find a retailer that stocks 40;1, so if could e-mail me with a dealer in Mobile,Al. I would appreciate it.

  43. Joe Kosanke says:

    I own A craftsman edger/weader 2cycle oil ,always a hassel to mix oil. I just bought a new crastsman blower .Does the premixed fuel work well? Seems so exspensive. Would really love to try some. Joe, Beachwood, N.J.

  44. Trufuel is excellant. No more guesswork to get the proper 50:1 mix.
    Only drawback is that it is hard to find.

  45. David Jackson says:

    I own 2 toro commercial 2cycle lawnmowers and 2 echo weedeaters, where they both require
    the 2 cycle mixture. I just got through replacing the engine on one of my mowers. That was vry
    expensive. I would really like to try the premix 50fuel on my mowers and weedeaters. Let me know
    how I can get these cans for free, if still available. Hope to hear from you soon. David J. Dallas, Texas

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  71. I have bought a Echo chain saw. Needless to say, I don’t know how to mix the oil and gas. I didn’t want to mess the chain saw up. I haven’t use it yet. I thought it would be a good idea to go to the internet before I did anything. I was not aware that Fuel 50 even exited. Thanks for the information and if you are still giving away any of the Fuel 50 please keep me in mind. Take care and God bless.

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