Aerating Fescue Grass

Aerating Fescue grass lawns every year has many benefits. In this lawn care guide, you’ll discover those benefits as well as a step by step guide for properly aerating your Fescue.

Benefits of Aerating your Lawn
The roots of grass plants need oxygen in order to thrive. So do the tiny organisms that inhabit the soil, loosening it and depositing nutrients for the grass. Aerating the soil allows the grass and organisms to breathe as they should.

Secondly, aerating the soil loosens it so that water and fertilizer can penetrate to the roots where it will do the best good. When you water soil that is too compact, the water stays too near the surface where it evaporates without benefitting the lawn.

Finally, aerating the lawn stimulates new growth in the roots, stolons and rhizomes of the grass plants, creating a fuller, healthier lawn.

When to Aerate your Fescue Lawn
Cool season grasses like Fescue should be aerated in the fall. September is a good month to do it in cooler climates. Wait until October in warmer climates. Be sure that the lawn has 4 weeks to recover before frost is expected.

Choose a time to aerate when the soil is moist but not soggy. Dry soil is harder to aerate too. Aerate a few days after a good rain or after you’ve given the lawn an inch of water with the sprinkler.

How to Aerate your Fescue Lawn
Using a mechanical aerator with hollow tines, a core aerator, is the best method. You may be able to find one at the local rental shop. A gas-powered machine will have the power to do the job effectively.

When aerating, go over the lawn at least twice. For example, travel east-west the first time and north-south the second time. Then count the number of holes per square foot of lawn. If you’ve got at least 10-12, you’re in good shape. If there’s less, go over the lawn again.

You may not notice immediate results from aerating especially if your lawn was fairly healthy beforehand. However, aerating on a yearly basis, or every other year, is the kind of preventative lawn care that can keep your lawn healthy year after year.

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