Are Organic Weed Killers Really Worth the Extra Cash?

There is a growing interest amongst people interested in protecting the environment about the use of organic weed control products. These are the same people interested in organic fertilizer. There are several organic weed killers that are effective for spot applications to control weeds. These products usually contain high concentrations of vinegar which act quickly to kill weeds, but do not harm earth worms, beneficial insects and do not provide a danger to aquatic life if they run off into streams or rivers.

These products are not as easy to find as the chemical herbicides and are considerably more expensive. In many cases these organic weed control products can cost 5-7 times more than man-made herbicides. The question that many face is if the organic weed control efforts worth the extra cash? This is probably a personal decision about how one believes the environment is affected by man-made chemical herbicides. Chemical herbicides do degrade over time, but are a hazard to aquatic life if run off occurs into rivers or streams. Responsible use can minimize those hazards, although not entirely eliminate them.

Organic weed control is the safest way to deal with a pesky weed control problem so the answer to the question might be to consider an investment in organic weed killers as an investment in our environment.

Perhaps the most responsible choice is to practice lawn care techniques that allow the minimum number of weeds to grow. Establish a rich thick lawn, cut the lawn higher throughout the year to discourage weed seed from reaching the soil and germinating. Also one can use organic weed control sparingly as a spot control to quickly and aggressively stamp out weeds and prevent them from spreading.

There are other ways to use organic weed control measures. Areas that are habitually infested with weeds could have mulch applied to prevent growth. Strawberry farms often use porous sheets that enable rain water to reach the soil, but block sunlight from the weed seeds that may lie beneath it.

Tree rings are a popular way to use organic weed control measures for areas that are often a breeding spot for weeds. These porous sheets around trees enable moisture to permeate the soil while preventing weeds. An organic weed control measure that can be applied to dandelions which are a nuisance weed found throughout the country is to apply a spoon full of salt which will result in a quick kill. The ultimate organic weed control solution is to pull the offenders out of the ground. Be careful to pull the root completely out. This is best applied after a rainfall when the soil is moist. Organic weed control is practiced regularly will serve to protect our environment.


  1. Allison says:

    I think the extra cost is worth it when you think about the long term use of our environment. We also need to relax our expectation and realize we won’t all have a perfect lawn.

  2. Allison says:

    I like the thought of adding mulch to kill the weeds, then you start over. Will try that in one area that has weed problems.

  3. I’m interested in organic weed killer. You mentioned it has high amounts of vinegar, it must have other ingredients or do they?

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