Watering St Augustine Grass

Watering St Augustine grass is an essential part of keeping it healthy, attractive and growing vigorously throughout the season. This warm season, perennial grass loves water, but too much water can be a problem. This St Augustine grass guide gives you the details you need for successfully watering your lawn from early spring to the […]

Mowing St Augustine Grass

Mowing St Augustine grass correctly takes understanding of what its specific needs are. Proper mowing is an essential part of what makes any lawn flourish. In this lawn care guide, you’ll find all the details on mowing St Augustine grass to the right height and with the right frequency. The Right Height for St Augustine […]

Types of St Augustine Grass

There are several types of St. Augustine grass that you might consider for your lawn. The grower you obtain your sod, plugs or sprigs from will help you determine the right type for your region and soil conditions. Here’s an overview of the types of St Augustine grass so that you can be familiar with […]

St Augustine Maintenance Schedule

Putting together a St Augustine grass maintenance schedule will help you keep your lawn healthy and looking its best all through the growing season. This lawn care guide provides a general overview for you to follow. You might also benefit from reading our specific articles on Watering, Fertilizing and Mowing your St Augustine lawn. Spring […]

Planting St Augustine Sod

Planting St Augustine sod is usually the best way to get this turf grass going strong in your yard. It can be done very successfully if you pay close attention to proven guidelines for preparing the soil, laying the sod and caring for it in the important first weeks. This lawn care guide offers a […]

Getting Rid of Bermuda Seed Heads

Getting rid of Bermuda seed heads is important in order to keep a neat, tidy and uniform lawn throughout the summer. Seed heads are actually the blooms of Bermuda grass. If the grass is allowed to “go to seed” by not being cut, it will naturally produce seed heads. In lawns that are being actively […]

Lawn Fungus

Lawn fungus is a very real threat to your lawn. Many homeowners see the results of lawn fungus and assume the brown circles or other odd-looking patches are caused by something like drought, grubs or moles. While those issues can all create effects that look like fungus, it’s important to find out what the real […]

Winterizing Trees and Shrubs

Knowing how to winterize trees and shrubs can help the most susceptible types to get through a harsh winter and return with vigorous health and growth in the spring. This is true in northern climates, but even in moderate regions some shrubs can use the help provided by proper winterizing practices. This lawn care guide […]

Deer Proofing Your Lawn

Deer proofing your lawn can be done with a few proactive steps that will protect your turf, garden and flower beds. Deer are an elegant animal and many homeowners enjoy seeing them graze in nearby fields. However, when they are munching on prize tulips or scratching up the backyard in search of acorns, they can […]

Pesky Bag Worms and How to Kill Them

Bag worms are a real threat to coniferous trees and can be difficult to kill. However, it’s a “kill or have your trees killed” proposition, so it is important to be aggressive and thorough in your battle with bag worms, also called bagworms. Spotting Bag Worms These moth larvae produce small bags that house dozens […]