Aerating Fescue Grass

Aerating Fescue grass lawns every year has many benefits. In this lawn care guide, you’ll discover those benefits as well as a step by step guide for properly aerating your Fescue. Benefits of Aerating your Lawn The roots of grass plants need oxygen in order to thrive. So do the tiny organisms that inhabit the […]

Overseeding Fescue Grass

Overseeding Fescue grass with more Fescue seed is a good way to develop a more robust lawn in a short period of time. If you’ve got a well-established Fescue lawn, you may find it getting a little thin. That’s the time to overseed it, producing a denser, more attractive and more comfortable carpet of grass. […]

How to Grow Fescue Grass

There are several options for starting a Fescue lawn, and you can have good results with any of them. In this guide, we discuss seeding a new lawn with Fescue and planting Fescue sod. In a separate article, we discuss overseeding an existing lawn with Fescue. It is entitled Overseeding Fescue Grass. Starting a Fescue […]

Fertilizing Fescue Grass

Fertilizing Fescue grass throughout the growing season will help keep it healthy and looking its best year after year. This lawn care guide gives you all the details for successfully feeding your lawn. Most Fertilizers Work Well on Fescue Grass All fertilizers are formulated with a blend of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K). […]

Watering Fescue Grass

Watering Fescue grass on a regular basis will help it to thrive in your yard even in the warmest part of summer. In this Fescue grass guide you’ll find all the details for keeping your grass well watered throughout the year. Tools for Watering Fescue Grass There are several tools that will help ensure successful […]

Mowing Fescue Grass

Mowing Fescue grass consistently and to the right height is an important part of keeping your lawn looking great from spring through the fall. This lawn care guide outlines how and when to mow Fescue grass to achieve the healthiest, most vibrant lawn possible. The Right Height for Fescue Grass Every type of grass has […]

Fescue Grass

Fescue Grass Closeup

Fescue grass is identified in two major categories as fine-leaved or broad-leaved. The broad leaved Fescue, sometimes referred to as a tall fescue is a bit more heat and drought tolerant than the needle leaved or fine leaved variety.