Ultimate Weed Control – The Best Weed Killers

Id your weeds and purchase the best weed killer

It’s amusing to wonder if one was trying to grow weeds, would grass invade? Well, we all know that is just a dream for those of us that are trying to cultivate a well manicured and beautiful lawn. Weeds, like troubles in life, are a reality. However there are actions that can be taken in […]

Organic Fertilizer For Lawns

There is considerable debate that occurs as to the effectiveness of using organic fertilizers versus the chemical fertilizers that are used throughout the world. Chemical fertilizers are synthetic materials derived from man-made chemicals whereas organic fertilizers are the remains or the by product of a once living organism. Organic fertilizers generally include manure (chicken, cow, […]

What Type of Lawn Mower Should I Use?

There is a wide selection of lawn mowers to chose from for residential use. Gas powered and electric models in a wide variety of types are available. For those that wish to combine exercise with their chores there are people powered reel-type push mowers. Determining exactly what type of lawn mower to use is dependent […]

Best Time to Mow Your Lawn

Mowing lawns for some may be drudgery, but it is a labor of love for those that wish to maintain a healthy and well manicured lawn. Regular mowing insures healthy turf and mowing at the appropriate intervals will not only insure a beautiful lawn, but will provide sustenance for the root systems. Most grasses should […]

Techniques for Watering Grass

The obvious objective for lawn watering is to provide the maximum amount of moisture to enable the plant root system to thrive. Too little water is stressful to the grass and too much is wasting a valuable resource. Here are a few simple lawn watering techniques. An in-ground sprinkler system if managed properly is one […]

Water Your Grass Less

Selecting the appropriate type of grass to grow in your yard will make a significant difference in the amount of water that is necessary for lush growth. Warm season and cool season grasses require differing amounts of water to remain healthy. The far North and far South don’t provide many viable choices as one is […]

How Much Water Does My Grass Need?

Here again there are several variables in play for successful lawn maintenance. The type of grasses being grown, the type of soil involved and local climatic conditions will dictate the amount of water that will be needed for a lawn to thrive. During the summer months warm season grasses (examples include Bermuda, Bahia, Zoysia, Buffalo) […]

Best Time of Day to Water Grass

watering grass with sprinkler system

The best time to water grass, like so many things in life is dependent on circumstances. For established lawns the best time of day to water grass is in the early morning hours, preferably just before sunrise. This enables the water to soak through the soil and completely nourish the plant’s root system. Watering in […]

How much Lawn Fertilizer Do I Need?

Cool season grasses and warm season grasses have different times for application and vary somewhat in the quantity of lawn fertilizer that should be applied. Note that the number of times that fertilizer is applied will have a direct impact on the quality of the lawn. Homeowners should measure the square feet of their lawn […]

Weed and Feed Fertilizer

Broadcast spreader doing its job

Weed and feed lawn fertilizer is plentiful and in most cases when applied properly will contribute positively to a lush lawn. They contain nitrogen, phosphate and potash which are essential for lawn growth together with a herbicide. Again, it is important to select a product that is designed for either warm or cool season grasses. […]