Killing Weeds in St Augustine Grass

Killing weeds in St Augustine grass before they can get established in large numbers is the best approach. This lawn care guide outlines the best method for controlling weeds throughout the growing season, keeping your lawn as attractive as possible. Keep your St Augustine Grass Healthy A healthy lawn is less vulnerable to the encroachment […]

Fertilizing St Augustine Grass

Fertilizing St Augustine grass on a consistent schedule is an essential part of successful lawn care. In this lawn care guide, you’ll find practical information about when to feed your lawn, what type of fertilizer to use, how often to apply it, and other important details. The Best Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass This variety […]

Watering St Augustine Grass

Watering St Augustine grass is an essential part of keeping it healthy, attractive and growing vigorously throughout the season. This warm season, perennial grass loves water, but too much water can be a problem. This St Augustine grass guide gives you the details you need for successfully watering your lawn from early spring to the […]

Mowing St Augustine Grass

Mowing St Augustine grass correctly takes understanding of what its specific needs are. Proper mowing is an essential part of what makes any lawn flourish. In this lawn care guide, you’ll find all the details on mowing St Augustine grass to the right height and with the right frequency. The Right Height for St Augustine […]

Types of St Augustine Grass

There are several types of St. Augustine grass that you might consider for your lawn. The grower you obtain your sod, plugs or sprigs from will help you determine the right type for your region and soil conditions. Here’s an overview of the types of St Augustine grass so that you can be familiar with […]

St Augustine Maintenance Schedule

Putting together a St Augustine grass maintenance schedule will help you keep your lawn healthy and looking its best all through the growing season. This lawn care guide provides a general overview for you to follow. You might also benefit from reading our specific articles on Watering, Fertilizing and Mowing your St Augustine lawn. Spring […]

Planting St Augustine Sod

Planting St Augustine sod is usually the best way to get this turf grass going strong in your yard. It can be done very successfully if you pay close attention to proven guidelines for preparing the soil, laying the sod and caring for it in the important first weeks. This lawn care guide offers a […]

Dethatching St Augustine Grass

St Augustine grass happens to be one of the most sensitive types of grass. That being the case, it’s important to know exactly how to dethatch St Augustine grass before you get started. If you’re wondering what thatch is please read our article What is Lawn Thatch? We’ve also written a general article on dethatching, […]

St Augustine Grass

St Augustine grass grows well in a very confined area of the United States extending from western Texas along the very southern tier of states adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico and covering all of Florida. It can also be successfully grown along the coastal areas from Florida to South Carolina and in southern California. […]