John Deere Lawn Tractors – A Homeowners story

Have you noticed that one of the first impressions you get about a home is the lawn and landscaping? It makes a statement about the occupant before anyone ever visits the home. I took a walk around the neighborhood the other day looking at the flowers, shrubbery, lawns and landscaping to get some ideas on what seems to present a property in the best perspective. It was a warm day and a number of people were outside tending to their yards. I even stopped and talked to several folks about their lawns and landscaping to find out about the upkeep and survivability of some of the plantings that were the most attractive. I was particularly interested in the seed that was used on several homes that had particularly lush lawns.

My other mission on my neighborhood trek was to gather some information about lawn tractors. I’ve been through three in the last six years and I’ve decided to stop giving my money away purchasing the discount lawn tractors that look pretty, but fall apart fast and seem to require constant maintenance. I was particularly interested in John Deere lawn tractors because they have a great reputation for being rugged, dependable and survivable. I will admit that I demand a lot from a lawn tractor as I use it to haul mulch, thatch, aerate and I even mow my leaves to get rid of those pesky little critters every fall. Anyway, I was looking at the brochure about John Deere lawn tractors and fantasizing about the new LX series. Anyway, as I journeyed about I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were four John Deere lawn tractors engaged in a variety of spring mowing and cleaning tasks right in my neighborhood! I stopped and talked to two of the owners and they had nothing but praise for their John Deere lawn tractor. One John Deere lawn tractor was 12 years old and the fellow that owned it seemed to think he was going to pass it on to his children.

Well that settled it! I looked at some reviews and discovered that the John Deere lawn tractors are identified as “best in class”. The 18-horsepower engine ought to deliver plenty of power and I’m going to get the 48 inch mowing deck so I can move through my acreage quickly. Did you know that John Deere lawn tractors even have cruise control? It also can accommodate every attachment I need and I suppose the greatest advantage is that I can expect it to last. After all, John Deere lawn tractors have a reputation for providing years of service.

Of course you know there is more to this story. At least in my house, no husband that is expecting a long life is ever going to rush out and purchase one of those John Deere lawn tractors without discussing the issue with his wife. I dutifully waited until exactly the right time and provided the brochures and information along with my justification for the necessity of owning one of those magnificent John Deere lawn tractors. You won’t believe this! My wife said, “Honey, why didn’t you purchase a reliable lawn tractor in the first place?” She gave me the green light or should I say the “yellow and green light”. Twenty years of marriage and I’ll never figure it out! Anyway, I’m off to the John Deere dealer and I’ll soon join the others in my neighborhood that ride dependable John Deere lawn tractors. See you at the dealership! “John Deere Lawn Tractors Rule!”

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