John Deere Model 2305

John Deere produces a variety of utility tractors for the homeowner or small farmer. These John Deere tractors are built to exacting standards and are noted for their versatility, endurance and reliability. The John Deere model that is attracting a lot of excitement from potential owners is the John Deere Model 2305. This is a 24 horsepower 4WD workhorse for people that may be engaged in mini-farming, operators or owners of a horse stable, or those with a need to maintain a few acres of residential property. Of course there are many other tasks for which this John Deere can provide an answer.

Typically John Deere has provided a number of packages that can be installed on this tractor that will enable it to meet owner expectations.

A front-end loader is a must for most tractor owners and John Deere has provided the opportunity of choice for an installed loader intended to stay on the machine or one that can be quickly removed if it hinders other operations. Of course John Deere provides the option for quick removal of the bucket and installation of other accessories or buckets with either model loader.

The three point hitch adds considerable versatility to this John Deere and a variety of tasks can be performed with the appropriate accessory.

John Deere offers several selections for the owner that will be using the tractor for grass cutting. Mid-mounting side discharge or rear mounted cutters provide a responsive John Deere solution for these tasks and make the challenge of cutting or mowing a bit more enjoyable. The tiller accessory is a great option for the mini-farm operator or anyone that wants to take advantage of their land to produce a crop.

One standard feature worth mentioning is the fact that this John Deere can run out of fuel and the operator can simply refuel, restart and keep on working without the hassle of priming the engine. Even with a John Deere product, running out of fuel is a reality that most tractor operators have encountered by trying to stretch “just a bit more” to accomplish a job or task. This feature on any tractor is worth the investment!

Of course the major reason for selecting a John Deere tractor is that it is a “John Deere”. The distinctive green and yellow color and the John Deere logo, with the white-tailed deer pictured, proudly announces that the owner is a person with the knowledge to recognize quality, reliability and endurance. A John Deere product is always the envy of neighbors and friends. It is always interesting to note the the extremely high number of John Deere tractors that were built 10,15, 25 or even 50 or more years ago that are still working machines for their owners.

In conclusion, the John Deere Model 2305 is a tractor that will provide years of service to its’ owner and return the investment in the machine ten- fold in terms of meeting the challenge of the task it was designed for. Of course if this John Deere model does not have all the features that you desire, there is “good news”. John Deere offers an extensive line of tractors that can meet the demands of anyone desiring such a machine.


  1. Brian Doherty says:

    I have a J.D. 2305 and was wondering what 3 point, 540 RPM PTO lawn fertilizer you would recommend?

    Many thanks,
    Brian Doherty

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