Neuton Mower Giveaway

Want a $500 lawn mower and do your part to save the environment?

Everyone these days is trying to do their part recycling or driving slower to conserve on gas. With a Neuton CE 6.2 you can completely eliminate a hundred or more pounds of emissions that your gas guzzling mower is pumping out every year. You’ll also eliminate half of the noise your current mower produces, and while that’s not a huge benefit in your pocket book or to the environment as a whole, it is something your ears and your neighbors will appreciate.

Last month I got the opportunity to try out the brand new Neuton CE 6.2 lawn mower. This is a 19″ wide cut, battery powered, lawn mower able to cut through some of the thickest bermuda grass I could throw at it. While its not meant for the majority of the grasses found in the deep south of the United States the rest of the country can surely take advantage of this latest and greatest mowing technology.

So now that the review is over, I asked the kind people at Neuton Power if I could give it away to one of my readers. They obliged and I am now offering this mower absolutely free (including shipping) to one lucky reader.

Entering the Neuton Mower Giveaway

It’s simple! Really Simple. Almost as simple as starting a Neuton mower ;)

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment on this post.

Winning the Neuton Mower

At the end of the month (August 31, 2008) we’ll number all the comments and use a random number generator to pick the winner.


  • Only 1 entry per person.
  • A valid email must be used for notification purposes.
  • U.S. entries only.

It really is that simple. Leave a comment and win a new lawn mower. Good Luck!

Update:  Congratulations Courtney!  You’ve won the Nueton mower.  


  1. Rachel Crisman says:

    I would love this new mower! I have such trouble pushing my old mower and with a baby on the way I know it is time to say hello to a new mower in my life.

  2. Mary Jenkins says:

    I would love to see if this baby could tackle Bermuda grass!

  3. I would love to have one of these.

  4. Here’s hoping :)

  5. Funny how battery powered things tend to have the smooth domed look, like a prius…

  6. i would love to be able to replace my gas powered mower with this one. It would be sweeter than using a reel. =)

  7. This would be great! Go Green.

  8. Carrie Burgan says:

    We tried to go 100% green with a reel mower. I think our neighbor is getting sick of the long weeds that the reel mower won’t cut! Fingers are crossed!

  9. I hope my luck is here

  10. John S. Majdan says:

    I would like to have the maintenance free, environmentally friendly, electric lawn mower.

  11. We recently moved to our new homestead…this is perfect for our eco-friendly lifestyle. Kudos to the folks at Neuton for their innovative new product!

  12. This is a great example of how electric-powered things can help us now. I know everyone wants the cars (I know I do) but in the meantime, electric tools like these can make a big difference.

  13. leon hadden says:

    would like to have it. looks good to me

  14. Pick me, pick me!

  15. Bonny Geffert says:

    Although I am trying very hard to do my share in protecting the environment, I still have been using a gas mower. This Neuton looks great. Hope I’m the lucky one.

  16. Rocky Carr says:

    One for me, Please!!

  17. We’ve gone green inside the house, would love to go green on the outside.

  18. John Freese says:

    It would be great to have a mower that is “green” and helping the environment, as well as, convenient, easy to use and efficient at cutting grass. I feel lucky.

  19. Dan Rosenberg says:

    Having an electric mower sounds great!

  20. Steven Davies-Sigmund says:

    Oh man would that be nice! I love my push mower but with all the little hills and valleys I have, I could really use one of those.



  21. This would be dreamy!

  22. Terri Werner says:

    This would be good for me. My old mower is an inefficient, noisy, gas using, smoke belching , hard to start monster.
    I am glad to see more of this type of product available.
    Thank You,

  23. Haven’t had much luck with reel mowers. A battery-powered mower would be wonderful to get the job done with minimal impact.

  24. Winning this mower would be fantastic. We just decided to start doing our own yard and this would help AND it’s Green!

  25. We really need this!! Crossing our fingers…

  26. This could actually get me excited about doing yard work!

  27. I have a solar system ready and waiting to charge this jewel!

  28. I would really like a lawn mower for my new house

  29. Oh man, I really need this lawn mower. The one I have is from like…1998? I don’t really know how it still works. Well, it does! But it kills. So this lawn mower would be so awesome if it was mine. It would make my life and the earth a better place.

  30. Dawn Henrichon says:

    What a terrific machine! It would look great next to my Prius. It will fit in nicely with the other changes we’ve made in the interest of greening our lives.

  31. Eric Dier says:

    just bought a house…need lawn mower…i’ll take it!!

  32. looks pretty nice

  33. Cyndi Miller says:

    This lawn mower would be a great companion for our Prius ;) We continue to work at decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels and would this lawn mower would be a great addition to our arsenal.

  34. Danielle Ward says:

    I would love to show my neighbors and friends that a lawn can be mowed just as effectively and easily using a battery powered mower as it is using a gas powered mower.

  35. Tony Medley says:

    I’ve been saving for an electric mower. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  36. I saw this mower on the G word, I think it was, and I remember thinking…I could do that! I have never, ever enjoyed mowing…the whole gas fume thing. But this machine really caught my eye. If I win, I will discontinue my lawn service. That’s a promise.

  37. I have an electric mower that just broke, plus the cord is a nuisance. It would be great to win a battery operated mower.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Maybe…just maybe…

  39. I really need one of these! I hope good luck is with me!

  40. This sounds like a great mower. I’ve been researching it and what is appealing about this brand is it’s the only one that allows you to take the battery out. That means if the battery runs out and you’re not quite done with mowing, you can take the battery out and put in another charged battery. Of course you would have to purchase another battery to have on hand. I would love to win this mower. I’ve got my fingers cross :)

  41. This is an excellent idea. I would love to have an electric mower and dump my stinky gas hog!

  42. This mower looks great. I don’t have any grass, but my Mom does. She is the one that has inspired me to go green and I am now addicted. I would love for my Mom to have this lawn mower, she has been saying how much she wants an electric lawn mower. I think with her MS,, this would be a great choice.

  43. I’m so excited to see so many everyday products Green-ramping.
    It seems that everyday there is a new product that can make a persons’ local community cleaner and easier. It makes so much sense to promote products like this one to “Start with, and keep our own backyard green”…..

    It’s an exciting time indeed, to see product innovation that is actually healthier, and needed, instead of “inventing a need”, and pushing unnecessary products.

    Very Refreshing, and a great idea.

    Thank you!

    Timothy Collier

  44. Carla Pullum says:

    Would love to win this I need a good Lawn mower!

  45. Jessi Anaya says:

    WOW! I would *love* to check out this mower! Can”t stand the smell of the gas mower.

  46. Rick Pealer says:

    I actually own the Neuton CE 6.2 mower, and have used it 6 times to cut my 60′ x 168′ lawn on a single charge. I love using this mower. I’m hoping to win this unit for my mother, as she really likes mine, but a new mower is a little too expensive for her.

  47. Barbara Crispin says:

    Finally, a contest I want to participate in. Like Linus and the Great Pumpkin, I have a sincere yard and hope I’m chosen.

  48. Wow! This would be great. I will cross my fingers.

  49. This looks like a great mower! My boys would love using it. O.K. not love but they might not complain as much as they do now.

  50. Norm Walack says:

    I would a power tool that doesn’t hurt the environment and also helps to keep my yard looking great. I have heard a lot of good things about this lawn mower and would love to have one for my family.

  51. Pick me!! I want to be the diva mowing chic on my block, I’d love to win this, thanks.

  52. That mower looks awesome and I’d be thrilled to win something like this. No more loud engine noise and better for the environment, yay!

  53. No noise, no gas. Only sheep would be better!

  54. Fingers crossed that you pick me.

  55. Ahh… No more breathing gas fumes while Mowing – Here’s hoping you pick me!

  56. I could really, really use this!

  57. Sue Boggler says:

    A Neuton Mower would be so sweet
    Winning one would be real neat!
    Mowing my lawn without dirtying the air
    Would be a great way to show that I care;
    I hope and pray that I get picked,
    ‘Cause that Neuton Mower is just the trick!

  58. Steven Arndt says:

    Lets test my luck

  59. David B. Furr says:

    That is a nice looking mower. When I win it, I hope I don’t run over the cord while mowing! ;-)

  60. I badly need a new lawn mower. Replacing a gas mower with a Neuton will be awesome. And to do it for free is priceless.

  61. My hubby would really appreciate one of these, we are doing lots of new things this year for the environment, like composting, growing our own garden, and just trying to be eco-friendly in general. Enjoyed the review!

  62. Kory Blood says:

    We just got a new house and are looking forward to making it as green as possible. We were just looking at some possible options at home depot.This would definitely be a great addition.

  63. This would be amazing!! :-)

  64. Ingenious!

  65. I would love a battery powered lawn mower. I recently exchanged my gas weed eater for a Black&Decker 18 volt and I love it!

  66. NO MORE GAS!?! How great is that. Gas is $4.22 gallon here and not only expensive but we are paying to harm the enviroment. So this is Awesome. I can’t believe they said “ok give one to your readers”. That just amazes me. Thanks for asking them and passing this great invention to one lucky winner~!

  67. Clifford Clayton says:

    If I had one of these maybe I could get my teenage daughters to mow the lawn every once in awhile!

  68. You bet I would love this mower. Great deal. I’ll be posting the Giveaway on my Blog.


  69. Winning the mower and saving my money for the second battery….

  70. Great features, great price(free) and its easy on the eyes too! Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for hooking us up! ;-)

  71. That is seriously so cool!! I want one!

  72. Wow, it would be great to have this! No more mixing up gas and oil to put in the other mower…

  73. wow i seen them on tv and well thay look like thay be fun to use and have and well i would like to see if i can win this thanks

  74. I would love to have one of these as well….I saw this advertised on Planet Green TV…..thanks for the opportunity!

  75. We need a new lawn mower – this would be perfect!!

  76. That is one slick looking mower

  77. This is a fantastically generous giveaway! My mower has seen better days; I am constantly oiling the blades and replacing spark plugs. It also creates the stinkiest exhaust. I would love to replace it with a more “green” alternative. Thanks for the opportunity.

  78. Deborah Grubbs says:

    Wow!!! Sounds like the answer to an old gal’s prayer!!!

  79. kathy mcdaniel says:

    Ah, finally, a good looking garden toy I could grow fond of! Great giveaway!

  80. sal williams says:

    At last! A mean green mowing machine! Just what I need! Super giveaway…Thanks!

  81. LaDonna Bumgarner says:

    This is a great idea! I have formed an on-line coupon group to save money and make our money stretch farther. We also post many eco-friendly ideas and this would fit right in. My husband said that our current mower wouldn’t last much longer so winning would be great!

  82. Such a great idea. now if they can come out with a riding one my husband will be happy!

  83. My 90 year old dad still works on conventional lawn mowers. When I was young, he worked three jobs to support our family. He would love to win and use this brand new battery operated lawn mower. My husband cuts our yard with a push mower. Please enter me in your drawing because I would love to surprise my dad and my husband. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway drawing. Cindi

  84. Christine Bury says:

    Sounds wonderful. I never win anything but you never know. One day.

  85. Sounds great! Much cleaner than my gas-o-hog.

  86. we saw this mower at our local earth day, and we were in love! I would love to win.

  87. Christine Basile says:

    Our noisy, polluting lawn mower just died (yippie!), our old push reel mower’s blade is dull, and the only sharpening service’s reel-mower-blade-sharpening machine is broken…
    …wouldn’t this be a great time to win an electric mower? Yes!!!

  88. Chia Yung Hwang says:

    I like to give it a try.

  89. Jennifer says:

    fingers crossed!

  90. OK, I’m in! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  91. Susan Hall says:

    I have been trying to get one of these for the past couple of years. Thank you so much for offering one. We all win, no matter who gets it (as long as they use it :-} )

  92. This definitely looks cool. I wouldn’t mind winning this. :)

  93. for the environment! and personal needs.

  94. I’ll give it a try on some KY Bluegrass!

  95. If I win, I can help my friend mow her lawn.

  96. I have wanted one of these for so long! I used to sit and go through their website and just drool!

    Amazing giveaway!!

  97. This would make my husband VERY happy!

  98. This would be so much friendlier than the gas guzzler we have now.

  99. I hope my yard can wait a few more weeks. I’m down to spot-mowing with a cordless string-trimmer :)

  100. Wow! I did a web search for this lawn mower so I could buy one for my husband for his birthday and this contest popped up! This contest is sooo green, I forwarded it to my friends and family!

    Good luck everyone!

  101. Old gasser clunked out and need a new one! Hopefully this neuton is the answer.

    Wishing all the best of luck,

  102. we always get teased by our friends for being really into going green, but I guess my husband and I are just tree-huggers at heart! we love the idea of reducing our impact on nature, so this mower is right up our alley. not to mention my husband would love a new piece of lawn equipment!!

  103. Being a grandma I feel it is important for all of us to leave this world as green as we possibly can. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones to suffer if we choose to do nothing.

  104. Hopefully technology of this type can catch on at this level and continue to grow to larger engines soon.

  105. Am looking at buying one in the spring but would much rather win one.

  106. I bought a reel mower a year ago. I like it alot, because I don’t have run out to buy gas, and it is very quiet, and it doesn’t pollute like gas mowers, but it is hard to push sometimes. Maybe the Neuton Mower is the answer I’ve been looking for!

  107. I have been wanting one of these for a long time!

  108. Teresa Bray says:

    This is just what we need!

  109. Do you ship to Australia? :)

  110. Cool, that’s a neat looking mower…no gas? I love it!

  111. Count me in! :)

  112. Oh, pick me, pick me. I would use this mower to mow my friends lawn. Just think of all the community service I’d be doing. Okay, I wouldn’t go overboard, but I’d love the mower. Thanks.

  113. Heidi Oxford says:

    Wanting to go green but can’t afford one now. It would be a blessing to win one.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  114. OMG! My hubby and I would definitely love to win this mower. Glad I found this contest. Good luck to everyone! :)

  115. Okay…now this is what I’m talking about. We are in the process of buying our first home and this would work out perfect as a house warming gift for me and the kids…hubby’s never home to do the lawn, so…perfect for me!!!!

  116. This is one sweet mower! I might actually get my grass down to regulation height for my ‘hood if I had this!

    Thanks for having the contest!!!

  117. Thanks to Garry Conn I am now subscribed here along with my own blog I help out with an eco blog as well. I have seen this mower before and always wanted to get my hands on one.

    Fate would have it I just moved into a house and viola I now have a lawn that needs to be cut but no mower! Alas a contest sent to save my hide from the wife lol

    Good Luck to everyone and thanks to for presenting us with this!

  118. when I moved back into my moms house near the bay in HOWARD BEACH QUEENS…I had no idea that SHE really did need a NEW MOWER” because my hands are killing me now from all that hard work I personally did myself..pulling out all thoseWILD 5foot WEEDS on .06 acres of land….that I pulled out in moms backyard, …please we really do need your wonderfull electric mower by 2009!
    ps. my moms is 84 years old, had her house on the market for several years, now we are back, without a SHIP & MOWER, as moms last REAL ESTATE broker came over and took our newmower for FREE in 06!!!

  119. I have absolutely no need for a new mower – which means I could win it. Seriously, I like the thought of using an electric mower – assuming it works as intended.

  120. WOW – what a great giveaway. My husband would be thrilled if I won this.

  121. When I began cutting lawns years ago, I used an eletric mower, I should have kept it because now it’s costing me almost as much for gas and oil for mower and weed wacker as does for my van. Please help me get back to green , thank you.

  122. I’ll take it

  123. Toni Clayton says:

    This would be the jewel of my lawn care equipment!

  124. Genice Parvino says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. After reading the review, this mower looks like a great alternative to the traditional gas mower. Hopefully more people will start using them. Good luck everyone!

  126. This would be a wonderful alternative to my old gas powered machine. No more trips the the gas station to keep a small gas can filled just for the mower.
    Thanks for the opportunity to possibly own one of the next generation “green” mowers!

  127. kay massingill says:

    Green is in
    hope I win

  128. An electric mower is a great way to reduce emissions… I could use one very much! Good luck all!!!

  129. kevin kirk says:

    my green lawn would be greener

  130. jimmy nelson says:

    thank you for this wonderful lawnmower

  131. Kellie Brown says:

    This lawnmower sounds almost too good to be true! I can just see myself gliding across the lawn fume-free and (almost?) whisper quiet. Sweet.

  132. Tim O'Connor says:

    No Whammies!

  133. Nikki Eader says:

    Please let me win so I can cut grass without the need for gas!

  134. Every little bit helps and this would really help my family!

  135. ATT: Neuton; I would like the opportunity to own one of your products. I feel very strongly that there is a need to go green. Because of all the damage we have done onto this planet . My reason is not vanity or to own the latrst technology But simply ask you please HELP US to able to HELP this planet. ALFREDO ORTIZ

  136. I need a new mower!

  137. Thomas Varela says:

    Thanks, Neuton!

  138. Rodger Paxton says:

    This is the best thing since sliced bread!

  139. Jessica Paxton says:

    Love it!

  140. Electric lawn mowers are a hassle to keep the cord from hanging up and making sure you don’t run over it, which could spoil your day. On the other hand, a battery operated lawn mower has no such restrictions. How it mulches is the question.

  141. Mark Nardy says:

    I am looking to replace my corded electric and the Neuton looks like it would fit the bill.

  142. The Neuton CE 6.2 mower looks like the way to go!

  143. Bruce Steffen says:

    I have been using a reel mower, but need a power mower to keep up during the wet times. Neuton mowers are out of reach with the price, but it would be a welcome addition to my lawncare.

  144. Donna Strickland says:

    I am thanking you in advance for this great opportunity. I’ve read that Neuton mowers are great. I welcome the chance to spread the word.

  145. Richard Pregibon says:

    been using a ryobi cordless electric mower for last 6 years, but it is reaching the end of its useful life. liked the looks of a neuton mower, but due to being retired now, it’s too pricey for me. good luck to me…

  146. Dan Trubovitz says:

    Really want one of these. I have a PV system and would like to charge via the sun and mow noise free

  147. I want to win this lawn mower!!!!!!!

  148. I would love to junk my gas guzzling nasty spewing mower for a cordless electric mower. I would even charge it with solar panels!

  149. keeeeeeeeeeeeeeewl dweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeede

  150. Wilma Brooks says:

    I’ll celebrate 74 years of life Oct. 1 of this year, and when I found myself alone at age 71, with a yard to maintain, and a VERY fixed income, one of my VERY early purchases was a Neuton! With trimmer, grass bag, and a spare battery and blade! I LOVE it still, and am delighted to still be able to do my own yard. Sure, it’s not HUGE!, but I appreciate that I don’t have to worry about gas, oil, lubes, etc. I DID purchase an extra battery when one of the originals finally gave up, but both the mower and I are still going strong! However, I am in the process of buying a home with way more yard, and I’m certain already that I’m going to need the bigger machine!

    I have proudly recommended it to numerous people – and it almost always draws interested stares when I’m using it in the front yard!

  151. I would LOVE to be able to go out early in the morning and mow, but regular gas mowers are too noisy and I would never do that to my neighbors! It is bad enough when I have to listen to the thing sputter and spit fumes! If this mower is as quiet as they say it is, I could even mow at night!

  152. Jeffrey Fackenthal says:

    How do I win this mower? I haven’
    t the money to buy one right now and I need one very badly. My wife ran over a conk shell, *a BIG one that was hidden in the grass at our Jersey Shore home. She wiped out my only lawn mower and our grass hasn’t been cut since! Please, can someone help us out? We are just barely squeeking by with the bills, mortgage and all. I just can’t get one and I am not too proud to ask or accept a used one that works either. Please, let me know. I’d really love to have this mower. I haven’t had a dream come true yet. Except for my wife. I love her though. She didn’t mean to wreck my only mower. She’s felt bad ever since then. I guess the old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be lol… Better not let her see that! Anyone out there that wants to help, can.


  153. John Brady says:

    Benn wanting one of these for a while. Can’t find it in a store out here in AZ.

  154. I saw this mower in Family Handyman magazine, and thought how great. I watch the video online, and wow! I can’t wait to get one. My Cub Cadet of three years just expired (only three years). My wife is expecting a baby, and how great would it be to be able to mow my grass when ever I want to and not worry about waking her or the new baby.

  155. Ellen Minich says:

    OMG – Please let me win this. My husband has been hounded me for the Neuton, but I can’t swing the cost. Much less our gas mower just quit on us. And OMG we have an acre. HELP!

  156. I need to save some money and stop paying outrageous prices for lawn care, take care of the new sod we have put down in the front yard along with a total front landscape remodel we did ourselves and I need to get the exercise every week. Neuton CE 6.2 fix my life!!!

  157. Michael Valcourt says:

    The Neutron would deffinitly make the chore or mowning the lawn in south florida weather hot humid a lot more njoyable, quiet , clean

  158. wtg!
    I take care of the gardening myself
    all women should!

  159. this would be great to mower the family cemetry with

  160. Cornelia Rocco says:

    I really need a lawnmower and also I need to save money this lawnmower would be great to recieve

  161. Well, it’s been a month since the ‘drawing’ was supposed to take place and no announcement, no change to the webpage and no reply to emails sent through the “Contact Us” web form. I’m wondering if this is real. Maybe the Neuton is just so fine they decided they couldn’t part with it.

  162. Martha A. Dunagan says:

    Wondering [like the last comment posted] if the drawing has already taken place! I have an earlier model Neuton mower and would love to upgrade to the latest, larger model. I had contacted the Neuton company to see if this was possible, and the technician suggested that I check online. That’s when I ran across your site and was definitely interested! I would be interested in knowing if the drawing has been completed. If not, please include me as one who is VERY interested in this mower!!

  163. I Just listened to your ad on tv. I have permanent optical nerve damage from a previous illness. This mower would be fantastic for me because. I have .77 of an acre and can’t ride a mower due to the vastibular nerve damage and having trouble getting maintenance done on my gas mower.

  164. I would love to use this neuton lawn mow to contribute to a better enviroment.

    It will be good for my Zoysia grass.I am anxious to try it. If I do not win I am interested to know where I can purchase it Thank you

  165. I would love to have this lawn mower! I’ve been trying to convince my neighborhood and family to go green and this would just help to put the icing on the cake to convince them!

  166. CHARLES GARLAND says:


  167. I need a light weight wower that is easy to maneuver, and is able to thatch or bag clippings. The Neuton seems like the answer.

  168. I need a light weight wower that is easy to maneuver, and is able to thatch or bag clippings. The smaller Neuton mower seems to be the answer.


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  171. I would love an electric cordless mower that works! I have difficulty pulling the start cord and would like to stifle the noise and pollution. I live in the Florida Panhandle and mow 2x week all summer. The lawn is Centipede.

  172. Pat Leighton says:

    My husband would really like to try this electric mower! Way to much money for us to afford. maybe we can win one. How cool!

  173. Pat Leighton says:

    How cool!

  174. wow, how cool can this be but to win a FANTASTIC new LAWNmower!
    OH, my GOODNESS!

  175. larry austin says:

    Now this sounds like winner for a winning machine .

  176. I said it before,
    & I say it again…
    OH my GOODNESS! finally our wish has come true,

    NO MORE HAND MOWING on our .06 land, thank GOD!

  177. Tony Watson says:

    I have a junk gas mower, would love to trade for battery power mower

  178. Hope its ok to make comments over here everyday!
    our familys NEW 2004 mower was given away in 2006
    to our re broker when we THOUGHT our RE BROKER
    said she found us a BUYER!
    All I can say- my hands hurt using HAND GRASS CLIPPERS…
    and the grass is growing fast…please I will
    NEVER GIVE my MOVER away again if I win one here!

  179. buddy gastineau says:

    I have read all the comments and they are all so good. You have a hard choice to make I am sure.
    All I can say is that I would love this mower to be apart of my new ECO minded strategy lifestyle.
    “Keep green mow clean!”

  180. My lawnmower is louder than my vacuum. I use foam ear plugs for both. LOL

  181. My lawnmower is louder than my vacuum. I seriously have to use foam ear plugs for both of them. LOL

  182. Mary Davis says:

    THANK YOU for posting so many OG, natural articles & warnings!

    We’d really put that lawnmower to use. Every time we need to mow, I apologize to the air, plants, animals, and people that I am using a gas mower.>…..
    We need to CARE about each other AND the future generations.

    * * * ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD! * * *

  183. I used to have an electric with a cord, but it stopped working. Because it was so difficult to handle the cords (I have a long back lawn), i would appreciate the ease of a battery powered mower. I liked the quiet, and I knew I was helping to save our environment.

  184. Sherry Knowles says:

    An Electric Rechargeable Battery Power Lawnmower is the way to go! Saving our planet means using resources that make sense. We need to think beyond gasoline! A battery powered lawnmower is also easier to start and easier to maintain, and, no cords!

  185. Marilyn McAlinden says:

    The big story is all about getting the old cars off the road doing away with all the exhaust emitted into the air. What about the nasty emissions from lawnmowers & weed wackers & blowers??

    My son recently suggested starting a lawn care business using a mower such as your Neuton. He feels that there are many people who would appreciate a no emissions alternative along with the quiet serenity it would offer. Sadly, he doesn’t have the monies to make that happen at this time. This would be a blessing and offer him & others a step in the right direction.

  186. Monika Williams says:

    I’ve been researching cordless mowers and I have not found anything I like more than this one. The color is calming to me and it represents exactly what this mower is “GREEN”. I need this mower, we were meant to be together and since I
    will have to do my mothers yards as well as mine(she’s 71), this will make it a breeze because it’s much lighter and easier to use than our old gas mower. My dreams of owning one of the NEUTON’S is about to come true because I claim it in JESUS’ name. Amen and thank you

  187. James D. Chapman says:

    Im all about ,what is good for better cleaner air . Ive bought a Prius ,now I hope to help alittle more by using this lawnmower.

  188. David Baird says:

    I am 72 years old and have a relatively small yard to mow…about 2 hours., front and back. I am intrigued by the improved Neuton mower and would love to win one.

  189. Mark Rogers says:

    Would love to use this. My grass is finally growing again and I need one after losing the last one.

  190. Jean Wilund says:

    I would love to have a lawn mower that would help my Bermuda Grass look its best!

  191. This is the first time in my life that I have had to care for a lawn. So far, I have been shopping for the right lawnmower. In addition, I have also realized that I must have a place to store the lawnmower — this would also involve a contractor to secure the shed to the ground. As I ponder all this and continue to go over the facts and figures, guess what, my grass keeps growing!

    Winning a new lawnmower would be an A+.

  192. Justin Padia says:

    i think this would be a great way to “go green”. Plus, I really need a new lawnmower.

  193. Jessica Johnston says:

    Everyone needs a lawnmower. This one looks neat!

  194. been bankrupt and homeless in the recent past. But now my luck is changing, and I know that im going to win this wonderful green mower ,that I need .my new life with a new mower wow.

  195. Are you going to do another giveaway? I’ve got an acre of land to cut! It’s either this or I need a goat! PICK ME!!!

  196. Would really like to see what this mower can do. I’m looking to buy a eco friendly Lehr string trimmer and this mower looks like it would be a great partner for the lawn. Thanks for giving one away and giving folks a chance to win it.

  197. My father bought a riding Snapper mower when we moved to Georgia. I was 16 years old then, and I would sometimes help my father mow the grass. Mom & Dad gave me and my husband Michael this same mower years ago and my husband uses it every summer to do our big yard which has a difficult slope. He tunes it up and has it serviced yearly to keep it running. His thyroid problems are causing health problems lately and it is more difficult for him to mow our .63 acre lot. I found myself, at the age of 46, riding the same mower that I had 30 years ago. Instead of pride in a family heirloom, I felt sorry for my husband that we couldn’t afford to get a newer mower. He’s getting older, and is considering moving so that we can have a yard that is easier for him to handle! Well, that’s not an option, so we need a solution to our yard problem, and this mower seems to be it!

  198. kim higdon says:

    It’ is a horrible task to cut my grass because I can’t ever get my lawnmower started

  199. Helen F. Hawkins says:

    Need a more powerful lawn mower

  200. CDBowers says:

    nice way to do business, but August 31, 2008 has been over with, So who won the green machine ,I wanna know, No! I wanna know? Don’t You Wanna Know?
    When is this gonna go away. What? This Giveaway, It’s now 2010….
    Good LUCK Everyone !! The Prize belongs JESUS, OUR LORD & SAVIOR..

  201. I am 54 yrs old and returning back to college Sacramento, California. I am taking an English class. Paper: Green and environmentally smart. I believe that people today should help out the environment. A lot of people say, “I am broke. What can I do?” I say do what little you can do today, but do something. Everyone in my neighborhood has grass. Everyone uses gasoline powered lawnmowers. It pollutes the air towards neighbors on the left side, right side, behind, and in front. The fumes and the smell is enough to make me gag. I keep all my pets inside when I know my neighbors are mowing their lawns. I try talking to my neighbors about going GREEN and saving Mother Earth. I am broke too but I still have to mow my lawn. I am so happy I bought a 19″ Neutron lawn mower. I also suffer in a car accident that left my neck and shoulder feeling like cottage cheese. I had problems pulling the old chorded lawnmower. With the Neuton, I have No more troubles. In fact its so quite I do not have to worry about disturbing my neighbors. I would like to afford another Neutron lawnmower for my daughter’s lawn. Her grass is like a golf course: thick and long. With the economy and money so tight, I wish I could win a Neuton lawnmower for her. It would be a nice birthday present to her from her MOM.

  202. I was wondering if you were still giving away a mower. That mower would really help save me from getting evicted

  203. darlene white says:

    i just need a mower my quit single and cant afford to buy one this one would be so wonderful

  204. I currios that an electric will work better then a gas, and last as long. I am al for providing better air and less noise.

  205. It would be nice to put my18 year old troy bilt mower to rest, and help the environment at the same time

  206. I want to win this mower for my dad!!! His lawn mower just stopped running and he does so much for me!!! He is also big into saving the world for future generations! Perfect fit!!!

  207. mike rodriguez says:

    with a few extra batteries, this machine would make my small lawn business profitable again and give me a financial and marketing edge over my competitors. definite dream come true if i were to win one. wish i could enter more than once

  208. Sounds like the perfect mower…no gas! Love it! Sign me up!

  209. I am all for going green! I would love thgis new mower. Great exercise too!

  210. David Andrews says:

    This would be a nice addition to the little lawn service, I do with my father.

  211. Charles says:

    Would be nice to have one for my wife since I will soon be leaving for Iraq again.

  212. Winning this would be a dream come true. Running an animal rescue requires a lot of money and right now we just don’t have it. What we do have is a building that is a shell because of Hurricane Ike flooding us with 4 feet of water housing the dogs, cats and ferrets and a lawnmower that refuses to work anymore.

    The grass is climbing higher and higher – it’s hard to find the little dogs – LOL.

  213. Christy Dunn says:

    To whom it may concern.
    I have been a homemaker for 21 years now. My husband has worked
    so hard for me to be able to stay home and raise our children. Me not having
    my own income every gift I get my husband he is actually buying it for himself. I would love just once to be able to buy him something without him having to pay for it. This would be a wonderful gesture I could give my husband to thank him for all these years for his sacrifices for my daughters and myself. And this time there will be no cost for him. This is my story. Thank you kindly.

  214. I would love to have this lawnmower!! all I have is a push lawnmower and electric weedeater … I would be in heaven with the Neuton :)

  215. I just put in a solar array and I am well on my way towards fossil fuel freedom. Perhaps Neuton is the answer to my lawnmowing responsibilities.

  216. This is a great example of how electric-powered things can help us now. I know everyone wants the cars (I know I do) but in the meantime, electric tools like these can make a big difference.

  217. Michael Hill says:

    My neighbor works for the local power company and has had a Neuton Mower for about a year now. I have always admired the battery operated wonder that he pushed around his yard with what seamed no effort. It also amazed me to hear how quite mowing your lawn could be. I asked about his mower and the cost and resigned to the fact that I could probably never afford one. I am a big Craigslist fan and was thrilled about a month ago when I found an older 4.1 model for sale for $75. I called and rushed over to pick it up. It ran very well. Now as a proud Neuton owner, I told everyone I know how great your product is and even let a couple try it out. Now the sad part. My beloved Neuton mower no longer works. It won’t start and only clicks when I try to start it. Obviously, there is no warranty on the used product. I’m back where I started but have since retired my gas mower. The lawn is still growing and I can’t afford the mower I want to mow with. I may be forced to find a cheap used gas mower. Help!

  218. Jerid Flint says:

    trying to go green have been wanting to get battery mower cant afford it

  219. Abu Hasan says:

    My Neuton,model EM 5.1 battery is dead,was surfing to to find a replacement battery.My lawn needs attention.For a 80 year old,who mowes his lawn for exercise your offer seems timely and too good to miss.I do not want to miss the opportunity to win a NEW AND BETTER MODEL OF NEUTON cordless electric lawn mower. At my age the old neuton has been of tremondous help and if I am lucky the new CE 6.2 Model will be simply HEVENLY. Thank you very much in anticipation

  220. After taking 5 years off from mowing my own lawn, I’m now ready to get back into doing it myself. I could sure use the Neuton that you’re giving away.

  221. Audrey Featherston says:

    I like your products and wish you continued success. I am very interested in the cordless lawnmowers.

  222. Tim Anderson says:

    I run a small lawn care business and would like to try the Neuton lawnmower. I am heavy into conservation.

  223. Man, this mower would really help me over come the anxiety of some person stealing my lawnmower… right before season. I would love to receive this mower it definitely point in the going green direction. Thanks!

  224. This is a great item. I am glad someone has come out with a decent electric mower without the dragging a cord every where.

  225. Monty D. Reitz says:

    At 84 years of age my Neuton was the answer for my two small lawns. Unfortunately it has finally given it up after years of faithful work.
    I do not want an electric as the cord is an inconvenience for me and the gas operated are difficult to start at times and require a great deal of maintenance. My Neuton was the perfect answer and I would certainly enjoy the convenience of another particularly one that would be given to me.
    Thank you, Monty D.Reitz 706 Crocker Avenue Pacific Grove, Calif. 93950 (831) 649-0341

  226. I would like to win that lawn mower. Currently looking to buy an electric mower. Was looking at the Neuton CE 6.2 sounds like a good one.

  227. I’ve been a landscape contractor for 21 years. It’s great to see a company like yours being pro-active at really “Going Green”. The chance to win your Neuton lawn mower would help me in doing my part for going green. I hope I win! Thanks, Seasons

  228. I would love to toss my current polluter mower for an electric clean mower. Having a quieter machine would please all that live around me as well

  229. oscar hernandez says:

    good then maybe I can start mowing instead of going to refill my gas can because my nephew used it because he always runs out of gas


  231. Van Olson says:

    No more mixing oil with the gas and no more noise, sounds peaceful.

  232. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering issues with your blog.
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    Many thanks

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  234. @ high tide & hurricane territory- it’s hard pushing my manual “old fashion push mower” on my backyard lawn but after 10 years pulling & plucking out all the weeds, it’s finally showing signs of improvement
    all due to MIRACLE GROW & my manual push mower!

    thank you,
    happy memorial day 5/26/14!

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