Neuton Mower Review

Ready to join the rest of the crowd and go green? You should really consider a Neuton Mower!

I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on a brand new Neuton CE 6.2 mower. This is the latest release from Neuton boasting a 19″ cut and a 36V sealed lead acid battery. More impressive than its wide cut and high powered battery is its ability to virtually eliminate harmful emissions. Believe it or not, your traditional gas powered mower will produce its weight in emissions every year. The Neuton mower is able to completely eliminate these emissions by running a battery that only costs $0.10 to charge. The question most of you are probably wondering is will it cut my grass? Read the rest of the review to find out!

Unboxing the Neuton Mower

The Neuton business model is that of direct consumer sales, which means you can only purchase these mowers online or over the telephone. You’re not going to get your hands on one at your local home improvement stores anytime soon. The major advantage to this strategy is that you don’t have to haul your new mower home from the store. The big brown truck will drop it off on your doorstep.

Popping the top on the box you’ll find a very well packaged mower. There is absolutely no assembly necessary. By dropping the back flap off the box you’ll be able to roll your new Neuton mower right out of the box. Straighten the handle with just a ‘snap’ and you’re ready to mow! Unfortunately you’ll have to wait 24 hours to get the battery charged up and ready for its first workout.

The owners manual is well written in plain, easy to understand, English. After some of the manuals I’ve read, I’m grateful for a well written manual. Other than the manual you’ll find the necessary mulching attachments and a grass catcher that attaches with ease.

The Neuton Mower Experience

Charging the Battery

With the removal of a simple cap you’re able to plug the battery in and begin the initial 24 hour charge. The battery can be charged while still installed in the mower or easily removed by turning the latch and putting the battery on your garage workbench. The only minor issue with battery charging is the lack of status that the battery has been fully charged. There is however an led to indicate your battery is actually charging. At the end of the day you’re going to plug the mower in and forget about it until the next time you mow.

Starting the Mower

Tired of wondering if your gas powered mower will start next season? Tired of pulling your arm out of socket with a hard to start mower? Enter Neuton! Install the safety key, and pull the trigger. This baby purrs like a well fed kitten. I expected the ease of starting this mower, but the first time I started it, I was impressed.

Almost more impressive than the ease of starting was the noise or should I say the lack thereof. Neuton claims their mower is half as loud as a traditional gas mower. This claim is well founded. I just happened to wake up a bit early Saturday morning. My wife asked where I was going and I told her to mow the grass. She said “You can’t mow this early in the morning” and I said “what are you talking about, I’m using the Neuton mower”. “Oh! Nevermind” as she put her head back into the pillow. Even my wife noticed the lack of noise produced by this mower.

Mowing the Grass

The lack of emissions, easy to start, and less noisy mower are all great selling points, but if this thing can’t cut the grass, what good is it. I gave this mower a run for its money as I’m in the deep south mowing some of the thickest bermuda grass. Running a lawn care website, my yard is expected to be the thickest greenest grass around. I was a skeptic to say the least. I even went one step further and used the Neuton to make the first cut of the season. I dropped the blade to the #2 setting (which was a breeze) and set out on the front yard.

Surprisingly the Neuton mower was easier to push than my gas powered self propelled mower. I guess I should mention my ‘self propelled’ option isn’t working quite as it should. My guess is that the Neuton is lighter than my gas guzzling mower. It easily ripped through some of the thickest bermuda grass you’ve even seen. I was astonished!

As the bag filled and the clippings backed up onto the blade the mower did bog down. As I hit another patch of the thickest stuff in the yard it died. Puzzled I looked at the battery gauge to find it dead. I had only been mowing 15 minutes and knew the battery still had juice. Thinking for a second, I reached down to check the safety key. As the mower went into the stall condition the current spikes and thew a fault condition to keep everyone and everything safe. I popped the key back in and off I went. Even more impressed.

Getting ready to finish the front yard 25 minutes in, the mower dies again. This time it was the battery. Puzzled I pulled out the gas mower and finished the weekend chore. Later that week I had a call with the sales and marketing executive from Neuton. One of the first things I asked him was what kind of grass is this mower designed to cut. To sum it up he said that some of the thicker southern grasses, like bermuda, st. augastine, and zoysia, will wear the battery out quicker than the other grasses found around the country. “Good answer” I said, because this baby cut some of the thickest bermuda I’ve got but couldn’t last for the entire lawn. If you’re interested the entire call can be found here where I asked several other questions you may be interested in if you’re thinking of purchasing a Neuton mower.

So to answer your question: Yes, this mower can cut grass.

Neuton Exchange Program

One of the more unique programs you might be interested in is the Neuton Exchange Program. Essentially what happens is your local municipality will contact Neuton. A venue will be chosen where anyone with a gas mower can stop by and drop their old clunker in the dumpster and walk away with a brand new Neuton mower for only $100. It turns out that your local government ends up subsidizing the rest of the cost of the mower. Cities like Los Angeles, where smog is an on going battle, can’t get these Neuton mowers fast enough.


If you’re one of the 54 million gas mower users and thinking about making the switch you really should consider a Neuton mower. These mowers aren’t for everyone as I found out with my bermuda grass. However if you have a lawn smaller than a third of an acre and have grass other than bermuda, St. Augustine, or zoysia this might be a perfect fit. The mower is compact, easy to store, comes with a full line of accessories including extra batteries, trimmer / edging attachment, and one of my favorites the stripping attachment which will give you that ‘baseball’ field look. The Neuton makes it pretty simple to complete those pesky lawn maintenance jobs with one simple machine.


  1. harriet foster says:

    I love my daughter to have a neuton lawn mower .she works hard at the hospital and has a large yard in Indiana with two daughters and one getting married there is very little time. I wish she could test drive the neuton I hear its light and easy to use and maintain

  2. suzanne Lindelli says:

    I am extremely dissatisfied with my Neuto Mower. Customer support requires a long wait, no one calls back. My mower does not work, the mower has failed after 9 months of very light use, and they told me to drive 1 1/2 hours to drop it off then come back a week later and pick it up. I have a small car and it won’t fit. They refuse to return the mower saying they no longer carry that model (probably because of the problems). They only will take it back in the first 6 months even though they guarantee it for 2 years (3 with my American Express guarantee). I would be very careful not to fall for the customer satisfaction, it seems to be ok till there is a problem.

    • Danny Knight says:

      Re: Neuton CE6… Junk! Received this monster from my uncle, new in box. Charger would go from green to red without being connected to the Duracell battery. With all the concerns about hoverboards, and fire, I called Neuton. What a joke! Ended up purchasing a new charger from them and the mower still does not work. Not going to waste anymore time with this 70 lb. beast. next stop the scrap yard. Note to city entities…..don’t waste taxpayers dollars on this crap. The general idea is good, but not for neuton mowers.

  3. my mower stopped working after one season. There is not service for it anywhere close…thats something I didnt think about before. I have the newer larger model. The weed eater attachment is a joke, It is not as light and quiet as they make you think. The handle/switch assembly is incredibly uncomfortable. The grass catcher is too small and I had to “engineer” it to make it work. It’s not just a $500 piece of plastic sitting in my garage. Their customer service is a joke. If you choose to buy one, make sure you rear the fine print. I would recommend some other mower.

  4. I meant to say it’s NOW just a $500 piece of plastic sitting in my garage

  5. I agree with Terry. My 6.2 didn’t quite make it a season before it quit. I haven’t been able to get service to responsd to emails or answer their phone.
    My biggest complaints while it was operating were:
    The height adjustment – if your grass is very thick and/or succulent you may not have enough power to mow it and the best option is to raise the height or cut a smaller swath. Cutting a smaller swath reduces the likelihood that the battery will last long enough to complete the lawn and I can’t get the mower high enough to mow my thick lawn.
    The trimmer attachment cuts lower than the blade if the trimmer is in the horizontal position. Using the trimmer as an edger is impractical as it is too difficult to control.
    So, I too have a piece of plastic junk in my garage. The Black and Decker is a more powerful and more durable machine.

  6. Just used it for the first time and it could not finish my 7000 sq ft yard. Lack of any kind of battery meter is disapointing. I wish they would include a plug in option or extra battery given the expense of this item over others in the market place. I feel like an eco-sucker for buying this.

  7. I bought a Neuton for all the right environmental reasons — the reasons are still great, BUT this machine was a BIG mistake!
    I hate to say it but, If I had done my homework a little better before purchasing this Neuton mower, I wouldn’t have spent the last hour calling customer service and getting no where. BIG PROBLEM — they are willing to sell, sell, sell BUT ABSOLUTELY not willing to pay for shipping a return.

    The problems with this machine:
    1) It rolls like a log — a very hard to push log. I am serious when I say it can (almost) put you into cardiac arrest just trying to push it up a slight incline on your lawn. This makes absolutely no sense because the machine is suppose to be light weight and a free rolling unit.

    2) It does not shoot the lawn clippings into the bag when you PAUSE the MOWER. (i.e., stop walking — machine is running — turn machine to mow the next row). The problem is worse when you stop the mower (stop the blade). ANY, and I do mean ANY, clippings that were heading in the direction of the bag will NEVER get there — even if you start the machine in the same spot and roll back over them — just forget it!

    3) The video shows a senior strolling along pushing the machine with ease. I can say that — beyond a shadow of ANY doubt — this video is a complete CROCK of s***! Unless you have a very short, flat lawn — and plan to cut the grass when you only have to take off 1/4 of an inch, there is no way you are going to comfortably push this machine anywhere.
    In other words — all you elderly out there reading this had better hit the muscle-enhancing drugs or you’re S.O.L.!

    There were some good points about the machine:
    Environmentally friendly –
    No gas pollution on the grass (or air) –
    Moderately quiet –

    To sum it up:
    Its a log to push;
    Customer service is “0″ help:
    You will loose money when you try to return the machine (for me that will be $70).


    If you have a postage stamp lawn, buy a Solarus.
    If you have a big lawn, get one of the small riding electric mowers out there. They are good,but spendy.

  8. I wish I had investigated this a bit more myself. I purchased a Neuton 6.2 and was able to mow my yard with it about 15 times before it crapped out. I was actually very pleased with the job it did and the performance, but getting it fixed is a disaster. My yard has not been mowed in 5 weeks now because I was foolish enough to scrap my gas mower for this piece of dead plastic. Custoemr service is friendly enough and tries to help you, but there seems to be no parts available to fix these things from either the factory or the dealers. My local dealers told me they could trouble shoot the mower and see what was wrong with it, but they expected I’d be waiting at least a month for parts. I’m now waiting on a replacement mower from Neuton which I was told would be there this week, but after 3 days, that hasn’t even been shipped out, so my suspicions are that the Colorado snows will be here before I’m able to mow my yard again.

    I’d stay away from this. Nice story, really non-serviceable product. Black and Decker is a much easier choice with service centers that can actually get parts and work on the mowers.

  9. richard mcnair says:

    Very pleased with the mower we bought three years ago until the handle litterally wore through the body so it is now virtually useless. This is a problem that could have been solved by having a metal frame around the bottom of the body. For $500 that should have been done.

    The other issue is that it is difficult to go for service if you have to. We live in congested SE Massachusetts and of the two places listed one does not service the mower and has very limited parts and the other is 50 miles away.

  10. your conclusion should really support the review. The conclusion mentions nothing about the mower dying in just 25 minutes. I don’t care how long the grass is or how tiny your lawn is, any mower that lasts only 25 minutes is worthless.

    Your review made it sound like everything was wonderful. 1/3rd of an acre? How can you mow 0.33 acres in 25 minutes?

  11. I hate to say it, but after a year and $500 I am ready to send my Neuton to the scrap pile. The machine is not built well. It is heavy and made from plastic. It take a ton of effort to push up hill – I have a slight incline in my front yard and I am under 30 and it is a pain to push up my front yard. It does not roll well to say the least. The design of the undercarriage does not facilitate clippings flowing into the bag well at all. I get huge piles of clippings caught under the mower. I have to stop, reach in the mover and pull them out 2 or 3 times per section of my yard. The battery has lasted ok. I had one die, which Neuton replaced pretty quickly. My replacement has worked better, but the power is just not enough to take care of my lawn. I have about 1000 sqft of grass. I am now looking for other electric mowers and possibly a gas machine.

  12. I have had nothing but trouble with my Neuton mower! My issues all seem to be battery life – they won’t last! Following the instructions in the manual, my battery was good for maybe 5 mowings, after that, it would die out well before my lawn was completed. They sent me a new battery this spring with DIFFERENT maintenance instructions.I followed them and now it is worthless! It dies well before I can finish mowing and it now takes me two days, after a recharging cycle, to mow my lawn.
    I would not reccomend this piece of junk to anyone! Until they can get the battery issues resolved it should be taken off the market.
    And I would like to mention that my lawn is quite sparse and not at all thick. I only have to mow it once or twice a month. Even then, I always have problems seeing where I just mowed and where I need to mow next. And STILL, the battery can’t take it!!

    If you are thinking of buying one of these, DON’T!!

  13. I am reading the above reviews and I am getting scared because I am waiting for a new charger from neuton. I cannot find a trouble shooting guide anywhere. I hope I am not stuck with an expensive piece of plastic like everyone else. So far we have been happy with it I think, but I am not the one who mows the lawn.

  14. Jennifer says:

    We have had our Neuton through two mowing seasons in New Orleans (which lasts from March through December). Our Neuton has plowed through it without any major problems. A few minor hiccups: the mower was obviously mishandled by the shipping company (UPS), and arrived with a cracked handle. It worked without any problems, but Neuton sent us a brand new replacement handle anyway, no questions asked. We have noticed that when using the clipping bag, the mower gets difficult to push when the bag gets full. This is because the bag drags on the ground. Empty the clippings, and you can be on your way again. Also, if the bag gets full, the clippings accumulate at the junction between the mower and the bag, which results in a pile of clippings when you do remove the bag to empty it. Finally, the safety key can sometimes come loose, making you think that the battery is dead when it isn’t. We see these as minor inconveniences, when compared to the decrease in noise and fumes our mower produces compared to gas mowers. Overall we are totally satisfied. We have kept our unruly St. Augustine yard under control exclusively with our Neuton mower.

  15. How much did Neuton pay you to write this review?????

  16. alan novosad says:

    I have mowed my lawn twice with the 6.3 and both time the grass clumps up under the deck which means stopping and cleaning every 50 feet.Mulch unit does not seem to work well and leaves grass clumps all over the lawn.If your lawn is thick or a little damp the mower does an awful job and bogs down easily.I really wanted to keep this mower but it just creates more work for me,I will return to my gas mower until they can re design and make a better product

  17. I have had the neuton for 4 years now and I think it is great. I have the smaller version and can push it just fine, maybe the larger model is too heavy? The only problem is the battery life, but I purchased and extra battery…so I mow half the yard and then switch batteries to do the other half. I wish I didn’t have to, but that is my only complaint. It beats having to get gas for a mower! I have had a problem when the grass is wet with clumping, but I’ve had that happen with a gas mower too. Plus you really shouldn’t cut wet grass in the first place. I would buy it again.

  18. I’ve had the C5 for about 4 years now and it is awesome! I can cut, edge & trim my entire yard in about an hour. Mind you, I have a 50×150 lot, but I have alot of trimming and edging too. Never had a problem from day one, just follow proper care and use common sense!

  19. I bought my mower in April 2009 and have had to replace the board as the connectors for the key broke. I mower twice after that and now the mower wont run at all and the company refuses to give me a refund. Tech support only tells me to check different things which I do not know anything about. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

  20. Al Woodhouse says:

    I bought the 36 volt Neuton via the California AQMD exchange program. It cost me $160 + my old mower. I did not do any research on it before choosing it over the Black and Decker model also offered by the AQMD. I drove 3 hours away to get it instead of waiting of the program to come to my city 3 months later. After I assembled it and used it the first time, the two things I noticed is that grass tends to cake all over the bottom of it and the run handles that you must hold to keep it running are very flimsy and cheaply made. After the initial charging of the battery and the first use, the battery will not recharge again. The power pack flashes red / green / red / green. I called Neuton and they told me to take the battery to an auto parts store to get it checked to see if the battery or the charger is bad. Are you kidding me? UPS me a new battery and charger with a return pickup request. I have just started reading customer reviews of Neuton and I must say it looks like a poorly run company with a crappy product and lots of unhappy customers. I suggest you do your homework and Google Neuton mower reviews. Then run away from any thought of buying one of these machines.

  21. More of the same here….traded in an old gaz guzzler last year for a discount on the neuton 6.2. Like others I got about ten mows out of the battery before the battery crapped out. Now I have to decide:

    1. buy a new battery at 120 bucks on amazon (plus 3 week waiting). Probably have to do this again next year.
    2. Put the cost toward of two battered towards a used lawnmower. This would at least make me feel semi-Eco conscious because a new lawnmower didn’t have to be built.

  22. mike w. says:

    Going to pick up one of these mowers tomorrow. Not sure what to expect, was planning on getting the 6.2 but all of these reviews has got me thinking, don’t want to spend the extra for something that’s going to break down. Perhaps I might go with Black & Decker just to be safe. AQMD program in Bourns Inc, Riverside, CA.

  23. While the mower was ok for the job, the battery winter storage charging instructions were changed without notifying owners. Now the company won’t even talk about replacing the battery. Very poor customer service. Had to order a new battery and it has been month and still no sign of it. Would be better off with a goat.

  24. Angelina says:

    As a female single senior, this lawn mower will save me some money and I won’t have to depend on anyone to come to mow my front lawn. I removed my back yard lawn for the same reason.

  25. I would not reccomend this mower to anyone. I have the 5.1 and have gone thru 3 batteries and 3 chargers. I bought the chargers because customer service told me too. Last time they sent the wrong one.
    The last battery was 129 bucks shipped. It lasted 10 mins. My grass was not that long. My yard is very small and I can never do it with one battery. It takes about 24hrs to charge the battery so you better have at least 2. The grass all clumps and does not go in the catcher which helps drain the battery quickly.
    My neighbor across the street hates his also. we are in a senior community and our yards are small.
    My “green” mower is going to get smashed with a sledgehammer :) then take up space in a landfill. I am going to get a gas mower this weekend!!!!

  26. MIKE L. BONDURANT says:

    The weenie who couldn’t push the mower needs to try some time in the gym! I’ve had a Neuton for almost three years now cutting a 75×100 lawn of tough Florida St. Aug. grass. I am about ready for the first new battery now, although it still cuts but the run time is about in half of its original time. Three years doesn’t sound bad on this kind of grass. I am careful not to let the grass grow over about 10 days in the summer or its tough on the mower to get it done…but it does just fine with a weekly mowing. It kept its charge through the winter and started right up in the spring for its first mow. I simply wipe the grass clippings from underneath twice during the mow and throw them in the compost pile. Neuton does need to have a higher height setting, and they need to go to a lithium ion battery …otherwise, I like it very much!

  27. Battery charge does not hold long enough to complete any significant portion of my lawn. It appears this is more than a product defect. A deliberate ploy to bilk consumers?!? When you consider the poor customer service and the advances in technology that can ensure a high quality product that consistently performs (the battery), this has all the appearances of more than negligence. It seems deliberate!

  28. Nic Price says:

    I highly recommend a Neuton mower!

    I’ve had mine for almost a year now, and it works great. It’s light, so it’s easier to push than a gas mower. And it has plenty of power to handle thick wet grass.

    It takes about 4 hours to charge each battery (I have two). I’ve measured the charging current at 0.2 A on the wall voltage side. This means that the charger is consuming about 24 Watts while charging the battery. Over 4 hours, this translates into 0.096 kWh.
    Bottom Line: At 8 cents a kWh, it takes less than 1 penny to charge a battery!

  29. I have the CE 5 model and the battery only lasted 2 and 1/2 seasons of very light mowing. Customer service is poor. Basically this thing is a piece of junk. My advice: Do Not Buy.

  30. I’ve had a CE5 for a little over 2 years. I bought an extra battery with my purchase of the mower. The instructions for charging the battery requires a 12 hour charge and that is what I basically did. The first battery died in the first year and when I called Customer Service, their technician told me that I should have charged the battery for more than 12 hours and that is why it didn’t last 2 years. He also told me that I must also keep my spare battery charged which was not in the original instructions. Fortunately, my spare is still running and hope it can be used for two years as I charge it for about 15 hours after every use. I have a small yard with zoysia grass and the CE5 does a good job. If your grass gets too long, you get all the problems discussed by others. I agree with others about better instructions and customer service. A new Duracell battery charger that automatically shuts off when the battery is fully charged can also be purchased with the new Duracell battery.

  31. I am very surprised by all of these negative reviews. I live in an urban setting in the Midwest with a small front yard and decent sized back yard. Six years ago, a few of my neighbors and I went in together and purchased a Neuton lawnmower. We love it!! We all rotate using it throughout the season and make sure that a fully charged battery is always in the machine while the spare battery is on the charger. We’ve only had to buy a new battery once over this time. After so much use, the lawn mower is now showing signs of wear such as a cracked handle so we are planning on buying another Neuton to replace it.

  32. Do not buy this mower if you have St Augustine grass (Floratam) for you can not get a mowing height of 4″ ( Univ of Florida says 4″ needed). The max you can get is 3″ which is not good. Good mower, just not for Floatam.

  33. Narciso Delacuesta says:

    I got the CE5 and it lasted a season, cut off and on alot and finally died. I have a very small lawn (front yard is grass only). I paid $300 something for this mower and I’m very disappointed. Tried calling customer service and was of course told to call tomorrow for tech assistance. Buy a new battery they say….lol…don’t know what the problem is…..I was an eco-sucker once….but not again…

  34. I have had my smaller version for almost 8 years now. I mow almost 2 acres and love my mower. I have the new Duracell battery and an older battery. I am a small, older woman and have no problems using the mower. I like the lack of noise. It does clog up, but it is not a problem to clean out. It is so nice to not have to deal with gas and oil!

  35. I purchased my Neuton CE6 lawnmower in June 2010. When I moved from a 1/3 acre lot to a 1/6 acre lot I ditched my gas mower and went with the Neuton CE6 electric mower and I have no complaints. I used it once a week last summer from June through October. I recharged the battery once every week or so during the winter and this spring starting using it again with no problems. For people with small lots this is the way to go. I called customer service a couple of times and have had no problems or long waits. It is the most expensive mower I have ever purchased, but if it last 4 or 5 years I will break even. I trust it will last me 5 to 10 years there is no reason why it shouldn’t. I may purchase a 2nd battery for more flexibility, but so far I’m doing just fine with one battery.

  36. We’ve owned our Newton since 2003, purchased when there was only 1 model available, essentially the CE5, and have used it on our quarter-acre lot the entire mowing season every year since then with no real problems. It’s light, easy to push, and very quiet. I’ve had conversations with people while mowing.
    I bought a 2nd battery after year 3, but we still use the original battery as well — mainly to run the trimmer/edger. I broke the first edger/trimmer we had so bought a 2nd when they were on sale. The original was designed better and worked better, but the new one still works well enough that my wife uses it without complaint.
    I got a blade sharpener with the new trimmer/edger as well and keeping the blade sharp has helped the mower to cut the grass on a single charge of the battery and do a great job of it.
    I’m expecting that this 2nd battery should start to wane in holding power over the next year or two as it’s 5 yrs old now, so I’ll be buying another when they have a special again.
    Never had to use the customer service so I can’t comment on that.

  37. Jack Spaan says:

    Montana small yard. Short summers. Two batteries, both dead after 2 seasons. Mower ok, but bateries should last longer, they are lead acid, just like my car. I keep all my lead acid batteries inside in winter. At 100 dollars a pop it is a rip-off. Anyone want to take this mower of my hands?

  38. Mike N. says:

    I bought a Neuton 4.1 last year for $50. The guy I bought it from had owned it for years, but needed a bigger mower when he moved to a new house with more lawn. I used the original battery pack all summer, but needed new batteries this year. Easy to pull the old ones out and replace for $80.
    As with any tool, treat it right and it will last for a long time.
    Reading the owners manual would definitely resolve a good number of the problems people have described.

  39. I purchased a Neuton CE5 lawn mower, which Neuton’s own website say comes with an express two-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, before the end of the warranty period, my battery stopped holding a charge (kind of a critical component to an electric, environmentally-friendly product!). When I contacted Neuton, they claimed there was only a ONE year warranty on the battery AND any other “wearable” lawn mower components — despite the fact that no such limited warranty is disclosed to customers at the time of purchase! BUYER BEWARE that the battery may not be of sufficient quality to warrant your investment in this product AND that Neuton does not stand behind its product or live up to the terms of the express warranty provided to customers!

    See Neuton’s product description and express warranty here (“The regular Limited Warranty that comes with your Neuton Mower covers defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years”):

    P.S. You should also note that, even if you try to order a replacement battery from Neuton, when you place that item in Neuton’s online shopping cart, it says Neuton will not be able to ship the battery for at least 5-6 WEEKS. Enjoy your summer with no ability to mow your lawn!

  40. We bought the CE6.2 last summer through our local utility trade-in program. My husband hates it. I love it because I can start it easily myself but I too am beginning to hate it as the charge never lasts long enough to mow our small yard. Talked with Customer Service this morning. He told me to take battery to an Auto parts store and have the voltage of a fully charged battery measured. Something tells me that both the battery and the charger are going to need replacing. I’m very sad because at $100.00+ to replace these items the unit will become scrap. Wish I had seen this site before we purchased it. I have noticed that most people who love the mowers have older models or have only owned them a short time. :(

  41. Joel Witter says:

    Great when it works; light, quiet, and my pre-teen son can handle it. Unfortunately we have had a problem with it every year. The handle has broken twice,and the electronic motherboard needed replacing. Batteries need replacing yearly (I do keep them inside, but they still seem to fade out quickly). Great idea, but cheaply made and not quite ready for prime time. My neighbors are not impressed-I have to borrow their gas mower for a few weeks every summer.

  42. I’ve had my CE5.2 for close to 5 years now. The only thing I’ve had to do was get a second battery. I live in Florida and have bahia grass. It can get pretty thick with the rain that we get. I have a very small yard, though, so especially with the new battery I got at the end of last season (I think the newer battery holds more than the original I got with the mower) I can mow, trim and edge the entire yard with one charge. I always bag, and will note that you have to empty the bag when it’s full or you don’t get as good of a cut. And I take my blades down to the local hardware store to be sharpened every season. This is important. They laugh at me because it’s so small, but it keeps the mower cutting well. You also have to make sure that at the end of the season, you run the battery ALL THE WAY DOWN and leave it that way until the next season.

    I’ve gotten way more out of the mower than I expected. I love it.

  43. I also live in Florida and have bahia grass. I bought my neuton CE5 because I got tired of gas fumes and constantly struggling to start my old gas mower.
    I felt pretty smug for about 1 month with my new quiet electric mower until the battery starting dying after about 15 minutes of mowing (I followed the manual to a “T” on keeping the battery charged). I only have a 800 square foot front lawn and it takes me 2 days to mow it because of the battery and a 3rd day to mow the small back yard. I have to mow later in the day, because it bogs down in wet grass (it rains almost every day here in the summer) which means I am mowing when the temps are up in the mid to upper 90′s. I may be saving the environment, but I am going to drop dead from the heat.
    To date, my yard is a mess, my neighbors are complaining and I am debating whether to buy another battery from neuton or go back to a gas model or risk spending more money on another electric mower. I love the idea of an electric, but I am regreting buying neuton. I don’t really have the money to throw away on something that is going to take up room in my garage. I will have to give it away. How is this helping the environment?
    Does anyone have any suggestions on other electric mowers?

  44. John Cavanaugh says:

    We bought the CE6.2 for the right reasons and were quite pleased with the first year of use. The accessory package gave us a second battery and over the first year one of the two never held a charge much longer than 20 minutes but between the two our 10,000 SF yard (berms and hedges reduced SF to 2000 for mowing) seemed to task this mower reasonably.
    Year two, different story. Now, both batteries don’t seem to hold a charge, bought their new DuraCell with same results. It appears that the circuit board fried and through CS was able to get a new circuit board and a new battery FREE (original DuraCell cost $130!!). However, that was not the end of it. The motor died, bushings etc.
    Although Neuton’s CS online chat was always available and helpful, the bottom line was that we had to take it to a small engine repair service. The new motor will cost $85, labor $60 and S/H + taxes $30. So, now we have good money chasing bad money. Original cost of mower, $450, Accessory Pkg $150, new battery $130, service and repair $200. I think a new Toro at $400 even with annual or biannual tune-up w/gas & oil now sounds like a better investment. At least our last Toro lasted 10 years.
    This CE6.2 has not even had a complete 2nd year of mowing. Sigh!! Buyer beware. JJC

  45. Jake Hyde says:

    I have a CE 6.3. It’s a triumph of poor design. The front of the mower extends 6 inches in front of the blade, so you can’t mow close to anything at the front, only on the side. That means you can’t get into corners at all.

    The rear discharge chute only discharges a small percent of the clippings. Most gets stuck on the inside of the blade well, and if the grass is even the slightest bit wet, it clogs, so you have to stop often to clear it. I think the reason the instructions tell you not to mow wet grass is not the electric thing – it’s that wet grass makes the clogging worse, and discharges the battery faster.

    The handle is uncomfortably fat and has a rubber grip, which gave me a blister the first few times I mowed.

    I was hoping the mower would be light enough to hang up when the battery was out, but it weighs a lot even without the battery, plus the safety cutoff is built into the handle, which is what you would use to hang it up.

    And the mower is VERY heavy with the battery in it. If I were Neuton, I would give 2 smaller batteries standard. It would have the benefit of making the mower lighter while in use, plus you could charge the second one while you are using the first.

    When you plug the battery in to the charger, you have to unplug the charger from the wall and re-plug it, or the battery won’t charge.

    They give a 6-month satisfaction guarantee, and I’m going to take advantage of it. Fortunately, I live within driving distance of their store.

  46. Well, maybe I should not get a Neuton. I look around some more. Good to get all this info. Thanks all

  47. Why can’t we get someone to look into this company. If nothing else it has to be false advertising. This company that produced this mover is completely naught.

  48. Tis is by far the worst contraption I’ve ever boutght. Suckers to the front and I rushed. The engineers that created this grass chopper must have at least spent 30 minutes in the R & Dsection but the first 25 minutes in the pub. Why doesn’t the cutting portion of the blade go to the outside of the wheels? Why doesn’t the motor rotate fast enough to lift the grass so the blade would cut the grass (or at least bend the the grass). I will give this mower to anyone that wants to pick it up. I will enclose two batteries a trimmer, bag catcher and an extra blade. If you like to buy it I will include 25 shares of the Brookln Bridge

  49. Using my neutron for 3-4 years, never made it through entire lawn of about 1/3 acre. Always a 2 day process, very heavy mower and considered it part of my workout. Grass clumped and mower needed to be flipped on its side and cleaned out by hand. Wear gloves! But today…. the plastic handle broke. I then noticed stress cracks on the other side. I mow on a hill and in order to push had to apply some torque to the handle assembly…and it cracked. Only metal on this machine is the blade! My previous Sears Craftsman mulching mower lasted 10 years, self propelled and half the price.

  50. Brant Donis says:

    I forget how long I’ve owned my Neuton. Been awhile. I’ve made it those years on 2 batteries that I still have, both losing charge significantly over despite basement storage and regular winter charging. My backyard is fair sized, but the front is small. Increasingly was taking forever to cut as I had to double row almost all the time.

    Fast forward to 2010, when my dad ordered me the Duracell battery. It’s now dead as of August or so of 2011–I’ve probably not even used it 24 times. That’s $4.78 a mow with the cost of the battery and charger, not counting electricity. Do you think that’s worth it?

    And the construction of the upper housing of the mower is terrible. I have to duct tape it like crazy it’s broken so bad on both sides. I have the original, I forget the model # now.

    I’m writing the CEO about my experiences with this unit tomorrow and will reference the many posters who bought as I did and have been left wanting by this overhyped “green” machine.

  51. Thank you all for your comments, I’ve decided to buy some other kind of lawn mower. I’m tire of wasting money on false expectations. Darm it!! I was so convinced that the neuton was a good product. Now that I think about it the push mower wasn’t all that good either. I’m done with their products.

  52. Ginny Yatzkan says:

    The first summer I had my my CE6.2 was somewhat disappointing because the key kept popping out. Seems the key was defective and was replaced with no hassles. It’s run great ever since! I’ve not had the bad experience with customer service that some of you have had. And my mower came with a battery meter.

  53. We traded in our gas mower for a Neuton 5.3 battery-powered mower and have been very pleased with its ease of assembly, ease of use, nice cut. Powerful enough to tackle St. Augustine grass.

    We also have a reel mower, which we think provides the prettiest cut, and alternate between the two. Depends on how hot it is, and how much of a workout I’m wanting!

    We’d had no problems for over 2 years with the Neuton, and just recently had an intermittent problem with failure to start, despite charged battery and green lights. When I called, customer service answered promptly, & walked me through checking the switch. The customer service agent said he’d send a new switch, although I told him I thought one of the green wires connecting to the switch looked like the soldering had come loose or the insulation on the wire had separated.

    I got the switch a week later, but it didn’t fix the problem.

    When I called back, they told me they’d already sent a new handlebar. Evidently, the customer service agent thought twice about that switch problem, decided it was the wiring in the handlebar, and sent that out as well.

    The handlebars arrived the next day & fixed the problem.

    So, I have had nothing but a positive experience with my Neuton 5.3 & the company has backed its product 100%.

  54. I agree and disagree with a lot of what has been said by others. One poster said that the mower is heavy and hard to push,”Its a log to push”. I find the mower to be very light and easy to push. It should be, it’s mostly cheap plastic! I am on my 3rd battery. Neutron replaced the first 2, free of charge, no questions asked. I couldn’t finish mowing my small 3,300 sq ft yard on the first 2 batteries. They also replaced an electrical contact that burned out after helping me diagnose the problem over the phone. So my customer service experiences have been good. Otherwise,

    -the mower is useless with the grass bag. Throw the bag away or else it will just waste space in your garage.
    -mower capacity is very limited. If your into manicuring your lawn by cutting a 1/4 inch at a time, you should be fine, but if you let your lawn get a little long from time to time, don’t buy this mower.
    -the battery capacity is also very limited. my lawn is 1/13 of an acre (3,300 sq ft) and sometimes I still can’t finish it on one charge.
    -it’s mostly cheap plastic. a piece of the handle just broke on mine with very light use, making it impossible to use the mower. The catch is, they don’t sell the one piece I need. They only sell ALL the pieces as one for over $100 plus shipping.

    It’s been about 7 years since I bought the Neutron CE 6.2. At the time I thought it was the best cordless electric mower available. I sure hope that’s not the case now.

    I do like that it’s light and easy to use. I really like that it’s electric. But for what you get, it’s definitely over priced.

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  56. wormond says:

    I have had a Newton 6.2, refurbished since 2008. There is a mower service in Erie that fixes these if needed. Twice I have brought it in and Newton backed up their product and I was not charged for parts or labor. It is light, quiet, and easy to start. I have a small lawn, so can usually use one battery charge. I have a back up battery if I need it.

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  58. Eric Swanson says:

    I bought the Neuton mower several years ago. I would not buy it again. Batteries fail quickly, as do chargers.

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