Partial Lawn Care Service

The most widely uses lawn care service used by homeowners is the partial service. Basically the lawn service will stop by on a routine schedule to apply any chemicals your lawn may need. This could include fertilizer, organic fertilizer, preemergent herbicide, or spray for lawn pests that may have infested your lawn. You’re still responsible for for mowing grass, watering grass, and any other lawn maintenance that needs to be performed.

Figuring out if the lawn care service you’re considering should be judged by how often and how much fertilizer is applied to your grass. A good quality lawn service will apply fertilizer three to four times per year. If you have a low maintenance lawn you should expect at least a spring and fall application.

Since the lawn service is stopping by relatively often they’ll keep an eye on your grass to ensure now lawn pests have settled in. They should only apply pesticide to your lawn when a problem become noticeable.

The last, and most important, check of your lawn care service is to talk to neighbors and friends that have used them. Finding out if the lawn service kept their grass in tip top shape speaks volumes. You should also get some kind of guarantee of results and some sort of liability in the event catastrophe strikes. It’s critical you do a quick check to ensure any lawn care service you chose has the proper business license and pesticide business license.

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