Selection Criteria for Lawn Service

5 critical points to consider when selecting a lawn service company.

  1. Get a Consultation – Take a half hour with each lawn service company bidding on your lawn. Ensure they understand what you expect and what should be completed on a weekly basis. A description of services and fertilizer application should be included in the proposal.
  2. Ensure Service Meets Local Regulations – Some scurvy lawn care service providers will try to make you think you’re getting more for less. You want to make sure that they are spreading fertilizer and pesticides in accordance with local and IFAS recommendations. If you have any concerns give you local Cooperatic Extension Service agent a call.
  3. Professional Personnel – Ask the sales person how much experience the personnel have with maintaining grass. You certainly don’t want someone green behind the ears trimming up your pristine lawn. You also want to make sure their personnel can correctly identify what type of grass or weeds in your lawn, as well as insect or disease problems that may occur.
  4. Licensed for Pesticide Application – It’s absolutely critical all personnel are licensed to apply pesticide. These chemicals can be hazardous to humans, pets, garden plants if they are not properly applied to your lawn.
  5. Verify Their Reputation – Ask for references. Call them!

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