Total Lawn Care Service

After you’ve mowed the grass for 20 years and you’ve moved up in the world you might consider the total lawn care service. These guys will provide you with complete lawn service. Mowing, fertilizer, weed and pest control, and if you’re real lucky you may even get them to take care of your irrigation system. The extent of the total lawn care service should always be clearly stated in a written contract.

What’s great about the total lawn care service is that if something goes wrong with your grass, they’ll take care of it. New sod, planting grass seed, it’s their responsibility to make sure you lawn stays looking good all year long. Ensure that your contract spells out that the lawn is their responsibility as well as trimming and edging sidewalk and driveways. Also keeping the trees and shrubs should be included in normal service.

Don’t get us wrong. This type of lawn care service is a luxury and comes at a price. Ensure when you’re ready to commit to this service that several different companies place bids on taking care of your lawn. Ensure that each one of them know you’re shopping around to get the best price. Another great idea is to ask for a list of references of people in the area who are current customers. A quick phone call may make a break several your top choices.

Throughout the year, you may need to pay a little extra to have these guys take care of any mulching, annual flowers, planting any new trees or shrubs. Generally speaking they are more than happy to take care of these items for the loyal customers.


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