What Type of Lawn Mower Should I Use?

There is a wide selection of lawn mowers to chose from for residential use. Gas powered and electric models in a wide variety of types are available. For those that wish to combine exercise with their chores there are people powered reel-type push mowers.

Determining exactly what type of lawn mower to use is dependent on a variety of circumstances. The size of the lawn, the topography of the land (flat, rolling or somewhat hilly) and the number of obstacles to cut around (trees or flower/garden beds) are some of the considerations. The physical ability of the individual mowing must also be considered. An older individual with a rather large lawn may want a self-propelled or riding lawnmower – on the other hand even an older individual who is interested in maintaining their health and vigor may look forward to a bit of a workout when mowing with a push type mower. Price is also a consideration and prices range from about $75 to several thousand dollars depending on the particular model and the attachments that can be used. Another consideration, particularly for smaller yards may be environmental friendliness. Electric models or people powered mowers are non-polluting whereas the gas models do emit green-house gases. Finally, a lawn mower needs to be stored to avoid exposure to the corrosive effects of weather. Obviously the larger the mower and the greater the number of attachments, the larger the space for storage will need to be.

Large or small wheels, with or without grass catchers, mulching blades, width of cut, reliability and dependability of a particular manufacturer and the personal desires of the individual who is actually doing the lawn mowing are among the other variables.

Perhaps the best way to determine the type of lawn mower to be used is to listen and observe what is occurring in your own neighborhood. Talk to neighbors about their particular likes and dislikes with the mower they are using. They will likely have advice about different models and manufacturers as well as information about efficiency. Once information is gathered, it might be prudent to consult a buyer or consumer guide and read about the different models being considered.

One thing is certain, lawn mowing will be among the many home owner chores that will have to accomplished at very regular intervals. Selecting the right product to meet your needs is an essential element of possessing an eye-pleasing lawn.


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  2. Allison says:

    In a previous house we used an old fashioned push mower because the yard was so small. It definitely works for small yards, but is a pain because you end up going over the lawn a few times to get it right.

  3. What is the best type of mower/tractor to get to mow 9+acres… and cheapest. all flat land, grass.

  4. William Turner says:

    I have some one cutrting my grass now. He is using a zero turn lawn mower that is fast. The first time he cut it, he left a lot of cut grass laying all over the lawn. I mentioned this to him and the next time he cut, he had a mulcher, on the same lawn mower but it did not pick up all the grass. What should I tell him to do in order to keep the cut grass from piling up and turning brown??? thank you

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